Selling Santa Clarita Real EstateWhen we talk about Stress - We usually think of "non-real estate" related things.  That is unless we are in the middle of a Real Estate Transaction.  The interesting thing is we have many clients tell us that they could never do what Paris and I do for a living.  I totally get that.  That is what people used to say about the time I spent in Full Time LAPD Service. I think the "helping" keeps us coming back for more.

Take the stress out of selling your home. Stress has surfaced as a way of life these days as people do their best to ride out a shaky economy and those that are trying to sell their homes in these trying times seem to have an added dose. However, selling doesn’t have to be such a burden and can be completed in a quicker time frame if you, as the seller, follow the sage advice of selling experts.

First and foremost, don’t let your guard down. Sure, you may have had 50 showings already and you are tired of keeping your home immaculate and organized, but you must approach each and every showing with the attitude that this could be the one. Keep your home in tip top shape, its condition being a factor that you have control over.

Stay connected with your REALTOR. Talk price, talk location, talk condition. Most importantly listen. Does your REALTOR say that your home is priced right for your market? Does your REALTOR feel that your location is a desirable one? Does your REALTOR think your home looks its best? Don’t let ego get in the way of selling your home.

If your home’s flaws are keeping it from selling then you may have to adjust its price in order to attract a buyer, it is the unfortunate nature of the beast. Stay positive, listen to the advice of professionals, and you will get your home sold!

Hiring a Team that is "aggressive" when it counts is a key component to you getting what you ultimately want from the Real Estate representation which you seek.