- Question on everyone's mind - is now the best time to sell?

We know that it's not a bad time to buy, looking at the numbers of buyers that are in the world wanting to purchase real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond.

We know Santa Clarita Lender - the BEST

Prospective Santa Clarita Valley cities real estate sellers - prices are going up at an expedient rate, to sell now may equate to losing money. However, if you are moving up - it's a wash. If you are moving to a "less expensive" area it may be a big gain. One thing is for sure - meet with us so we can cover the A - Z of whether it is the best time to sell or not.

We know because of all of the questions we are asked about "Buying a home - being a first time buyer - and First Time Buyer programs in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities."

When it comes to representing buyers, the best thing you can do for yourselves is to have your ducks in a row, before looking at the very first property. Make sure your real estate agent gives you the "to do list".

1. Talk with more than one lender. (as you should have spoken with more than one agent)

2. Get fully approved for a loan - not just pre qualified.

3. Make sure you ask about Open Houses and New Houses - What to watch out for and how to sink your ship easily <--- bad thing....

4. Do not incur any new debt. Don't finance a car, don't buy furniture, heck - don't even pay anything off without the blessing of your lender. It could cause you damage with your fico score.

5. Ask the real "expert" to step forward. You are going to encounter every tom, dick and harry wanting to give you advice on buying a home. Everyone is an expert when they find out that you are buying real estate. While the experts in your Sphere of Influence may have sold 5 of 10 homes up to the point where they are wanting to advise you. A top producing Santa Clarita real estate agent is going to be closing 7-10 escrows a month - and some teams could be closing more :)

Where does that leave you. Not in the cold. Be safe - search well and don't forget our Custom Google Search for real estate.