Today is "Santa Clarita open house day".  However, today is also the Super Bowl.  So, yesterday was more the "Santa Clarita open house" day that today is. - If you insist on having your agent do open houses at your home - listen up.

Santa Clarita experts in Short sellingIt's okay for your real estate agent to have a sign in sheet.  It's okay to have your real estate explain about your home to potential buyers.  However, it's very difficult for your agent to keep control over everyone that is visiting your open house.

It may be that there is a team operating in your city where your open house is being held, like is operating in the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley.  They enter open houses - a male and a female, one distracts the agent - the one of the opposite sex :)

The other gets busy looking for jewelry  change, ipods, ipads, iphones, androids, etc...

Therefore, while the agent thinks they just made the connection of their lives - their seller is being thieved.

We don't mind doing open houses.  However, for the most part the open house is for the benefit of the agent hosting it.  Less than 1% of the open houses being held result in that home being sold because of the open house.