Stevenson Ranch foreclosure data

You can now said you have gotten the rest of the intel as it relates to the Foreclosure scene for Zip Code 91381.  This graph is the most current results as they apply to the Foreclosure Discounting data for Stevenson Ranch CA.

This graph depicts three items - first - let's establish the values.  The Red Graphical Lines indicate properties that sold back to the bank at auction in Stevenson Ranch.  The orange graphical lines indicate those Foreclosures that sold to a third (3rd) party at the auction.

On top of the line indicating "0" - you are in the "more than range".  Below the line indicating "zero - 0" you are in the "less than range".

As a Foreclosure Buyer or savvy investor - It pays BIG for you to be below the line.  If you are below the line of Zero - you are making "more" money.

  • Winning Bid versus Loan Amount - You have  the homes selling at auction within Stevenson Ranch selling back to the bank at an average of 15.5% less than their loan amounts.  You have the Stevenson Ranch properties that went to auction selling at a 45.7% discount from their loan amount to investors.
  • Winning Bid versus Market Value - A sign of the times, when prices are increasing - as they have been routinely since 2011 in Stevenson Ranch due to the constrictive nature of our real estate inventory, you have some that are paying more.  This is the case with this graphical indicator. In this case you have the properties selling for 9.7% more than their Market Value on the "back to bank side or REO".  6.6% below their Market Value in Stevenson Ranch to Third Parties / investors.
  • Winning Bid versus Opening Bid - This part of the graph will make sense to the current real estate buyers in Stevenson Ranch CA. Properties have been increasing in price, that data is easy to see.  We see a 30.1% increase being offered over Fair Market Value at the Real Estate auctions by investors (the Third Parties).

Breaking down the Foreclosure data for Stevenson Ranch, while seemingly strange to some, is the best way in which to understand and digest it.  We have several other options to assist our buyers in this Foreclosure Expert Realm.  Whether investor or just curious about the market - here are some other Stevenson Ranch foreclosure resources that will be of assistance.

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