Remember Dune?  The movie?  It was a long time ago and I will never forget how they always talked about the "slow blade winning".  In real estate - the Slow Way also wins.  Over time, the more focused a real estate agent's advertising, the more benefits they reap from that exposure.  The question is, what is the best exposure path for the real estate agent.

We figured back, when we first started in real estate back in 1998, that the internet would be a key component with anyone's business.  While it was no where as easy as it is today to buy a domain name and to get a website up and running, people managed.

Real Estate services for LAPD at REMAX of Santa Clarita

We must have gone through 7 revisions of our Real Estate website.  That was with 7 different companies.  We finally had a company we could work with that gave our clients what we wanted.  That was Link U Systems.  The thing I liked about them most, besides being tops in the "new technology" arm, was their customer service and the fact their client care reflected that which I had built with our Paris911 real estate team.

Another key component with our on-line presence was Word-press.  You may have heard of blogs and blogging - Wordpress is what makes it possible for us to publish data on-line about Santa Clarita real estate.  To answer questions for our clients from our clients.  To give the best in updated real estate intelligence with regard to everything that is real estate.  Kinetic Knowledge was our Go To for the BEST in Self Hosted wordpress installations.  Our four focused blogs, that are all real estate related, that keep our clients in the "know" with regard to real estate are:

Getting to the tops of the "organic" search engines is not only necessary for survival of any Realtor's Business, but it help our sellers sell their homes for more $$$ in a shorter time period.  We can prove this by the exposure we generate in the "home buyer and real estate searching" realm.

Another benefit that should be duly noted is the fact that with more listings come more buyers and with more buyers comes other agents with their buyers looking to work with our Specific real estate Team at REMAX.

All across the board it's a win.  A win for the buyers of The Paris911 Team - A win for the Sellers listing their homes, condo's and town-homes through the Paris911 team - It's a win for Buyers working with other Local Real estate agents and their teams - It's also a win for the other real estate agents representing buyers and sellers of real estate in Santa Clarita Valley CA.

Agents - re-think your Non-Green mailing campaigns.  Re-consider your door hangers hung by people you hire to hit thousands of homes with what some consider garbage.  Get where people are searching for homes.  Enter the 21st century, get on line and do it by writing content, publishing video's and talking with buyers on a podcast.  After a short time, people will be seeking you out and your phone will start ringing - as well as your email will start dinging :)