SPAM, it's not just the other meat any longer.  If you can call it meat.  You know that we used to eat this as kids - and with enough condiments, when mom was frying it, and if you were really hungry - it went down okay.

SPAM has also been used to talk about "unwanted" Internet Marketing email's.  It is something that is hated and something that is still sent out daily.

How to get on page 1 of googleSometimes, after a networking event, the email to your inbox increases.  You have been added to some lists from the other vendors in the room, just because you had your email address on your business card.

That is bad form old chap.  We also see this with those that have asked for "further information" about something.  It is not enough to just have an email sent out, giving the information and asking the person to contact us again for further information.

No, some sign those that have inquired up to their email newsletter or opt them in to their marketing advertising.

The worst culprits are those that sell those "trusting" individuals personal and private information.  Some of the Real estate syndication websites do this very thing and it's horrible.

If you are going to start an email list and if you are looking for people to subscribe to your list - start with being trusted.  Your list, if done correctly, will start off slowly, but if you continue to add content and write about the things that your customer/consumers want to read about - then you will be off like a bullet.

It will happen.  In the case of email marketing and email lists - your audience is key to your success.  Be safe - Let us know if we can help you.

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