When you are thinking of "South of the Boulveard", as the locals say, they are speaking about homes, condo's and townhomes that are south of Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley - Los Angeles.

There are several areas in these cities that creep above Ventura Boulevard, but the larger part of their for sale inventory is South of Ventura Blvd and the 101 freeway.

They are Tarzana, Van Nuys, Encino, Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills.  I have created the map resource below showing exactly where the current listings are located with the prices.

With regard to the Map Search - you can change the list price range in the Tabs at the top so the map will not render with properties that are out side of your price range.

The list below the map might be easier to navigate - I have placed the newest 25 listings that are for sale south of Ventura Blvd., in the San Fernando Valley!

BTW - forgot to mention, this map and list update several times per hour - Bookmark this page by hitting the "bookmark" tab in the Light Blue Banner.

As you can see - there are some very "well appointed" homes spanning the "Millions of Dollars" range.  "Customize your search - it is way more comfortable!"

Double click on a "blank" portion of the map to zoom in closer to view more real estate listings for sale.

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