Verify all of the information you are reading about Short Selling your Home.  Use external, extra - real estate and short sale information to compare with each nugget of information you obtain - thereby validating the data gleaned.Santa Clarita Short Sale Education

Short selling a home is not a small endeavor - the first step is to deduce whether or not a short sale is a good fit - some of the Short Sellers in the world should not be doing a Short Sale.  You will have to set up a meeting to see where you fit within the Short Sale Rules and Parameters.

The data you obtain is not to be taken lightly - make sure your source has you verify with another, niche expert, within real estate - a Real Estate type CPA and a Real Estate Attorney. This homework is a necessary part of the Short Sale Preparation process and should never be shelved.

Foreclosure versus a short sale - Anyone that tells you that one is better than the other, not based on your specific circumstances, is dangerous.  It is your specific circumstances that have to be looked at and which any and all Short Sale decisions should be based.  Call my team for Santa Clarita Short Sale assistance.