Pompous - that is an understatement. Meaning overbearing, egotistical, having a "mine does not stink" attitude about everything.

While in real estate, some would view those agents to be a bit overpowering, asking those agents how good they are, gets you a totally different answer.

They do not look at real estate as if there is enough business to go around. As far as they are concerned, they should be the only real estate agents representing buyers and sellers.

There should be no-one else. They should be it - the only, the go to, the end of the line and the beginning and middle too.

In fact, they have been selling themselves in this way to their clients, that they are the only agents that should be selling real estate, so often that it has become part of them.

The question is, "Is this a bad thing?"

Unfortunately, in the world, I think EGO has gotten a bad wrap. There are indeed some of those in the real estate tranches that should not be representing buyers and sellers of real estate.

They should do something else. Maybe working for someone else would be a better fit. The "independent contractor" thing is bearing too much weight on their delicate persona... This is clear in the stories we hear from real estate clients that have come to us after they had tried to buy a home or have their home sold with another Real estate agent.

If you are good at what you do - they you should be screaming it from the roof tops. When other's think you are good at what you do, they will SCREAM it from the roof tops and more people will hear it than you could ever imagine.

Confidence is good - especially when you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars. If I were hiring a real estate agent I'd want them to know they are good at what they do and then do it for me :)

Be safe - do you think there is a line between ego and confidence? Are they the same things or are they different? What do you think about those agents in the world that think they should be the only realtors selling homes?