I am sure it does not matter to most that I don't have hair.  I suppose, if it did, they would not tell me so :(

I'm done with the pity party - let's talk real estate.

Have you ever called from a listing you viewed on-line or one you saw  in a magazine?

lapd and lasd home representativesA Real Estate listing is what I'm talking about - not a personal ad :)

Some real estate agents, even in today's day and time, will still meet a total stranger at a property for sale without meeting with them first in their offices.

It does not make sense to me, and I'm quite an imposing Fella (or so I have been told...)

We don't know who's calling on the telephone.  We have no idea if they are "Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hide".

A real estate agent was raped recently by someone that said they wanted to buy a home.  I was going to "sugar coat" it and say "assaulted".  But that would not have gotten your attention as abruptly.

We have a lot of the local Female Realtors that read our blog.  My Wife is female and so is most of our staff.  Listen Up.  "The days of meeting total strangers that originated by a cold call at real estate listings are GONE!!!!

Be smart, if someone is interested in buying a home, most people are going to take the 45 minutes and sit in with one of our Buyers Briefings or attend one of the REMAX of Valencia's Crash Courses on real estate.

Enjoy the Santa Clarita CA radio show - We recorded this one within Valencia CA - just after I picked up my new Mophie for my mobile phone.

A Mophie is a battery extension pack.  They work well, and we have used them before. However, I think I cannot wait for the new iPhone and am going to have to get an iPhone 5 - my 4s is starting to show symptoms of weakening...

Be safe - Search well and we will look forward to speaking with you soon...