So, who are you going to vote for?  I know I'm a bit early with this post, but by it's conclusion, you will be voting for the only candidate that has the ability to turn this country around.

The thing that I suggest to my clients is to look at both candidates and size them up.  If they are living, breathing organisms give them a point.  If they speak the language their people speak - another point.  Then look at their past (what you can see :) ) and if you think they fit "the closest" with your morals, ethical stances, monetary policies and religious views - vote for them.

Who are we going to vote for?  We are going to vote for the "other guy". :)

Mother said it was not polite to speak about Politics and religion at he dinner table - I suppose that goes for Blogs too.  However, the older I get the more I discover that that these things are what are most important in most peoples lives and should be discussed without offence being taken.  

Are you on Facebook   I am not sure people would speak like that if they were physically next to the person they were slamming.  Would they?  I think email, text messaging, social media and even voice mail makes some people very strong.  I have had other real estate agents leave me horribly demeaning messages on my voice mail only to change their tune 180 degrees when I was able to see them face to face or get them on the phone.

Cute?  I am sure you have noticed the same things.  I remember when I was full time with the LAPD, we had a small number of police officers that seemed like they were on the job because they were tired of always getting the "short end" of the stick in life.  Others seemed like they took a "dare" too far.  Still others, seemed to be just what the department wanted, people that would take orders.  All in all - Most of the Police Officers I worked with were stellar and those you'd trust leaving your kids around :)

I do remember a time when I was working with a new partner.  Her and I were working a traffic car 18T34 in South East Division.  While in the area of 108th and Grape street, we were assigned a traffic collision call.  While at the scene it was opined by me that the person driving the car that failed to stop the stop sign(according to several witnesses) was HBD (had been drinking).  I called this rather large fella over and administered  a series of field sobriety tests.  Which he was unable to perform as I had shown him.  I explained to him that I was going to take him to jail, where he would be given a choice between a breath and a blood test.  At the moment I asked him to turn around, so I could place handcuffs on him, my partner said sarcastically  "You are going to jail for a long time....."  While that may not seem that bad, it was totally unnecessary.  This fella was very big - about 325 pounds, 6'7", and had less fat on his entire body than I had on my Double Chin...

That could have been that "tipping point" you hear so much about today in business circles.  However, in this case - I told my partner, within earshot of this suspect, "There is no need for you to take out your insecurities on this man - he owed up to what he had done - you on the other hand have a lot to make up for...."

She shot me a strange and perplexed look, I put handcuffs on this fella and we had no further issues.

Be Safe, let us know if we can help you with anything you need...

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