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Single Family Residences have shown some signs of slowing in the Santa Clarita real estate market.  We are watching our typical "slower" season start with regard to buyers being in the market.  However, the "slowing" is not very apparent due to the overage of buyers that are entering the real estate market within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

One thing that will break loose the log jam of "lacking inventory" would to have more inventory hit the market for sale.  We are watching as this is in the process with the major banks starting to entertain selling their "REO - Real Estate Owned" inventory at bulk sales to investment companies, hedge funds and private parties.

We will continue to monitor this real estate market and if you are looking to be the most knowledgeable when it comes having your finger on the pulse of SCV Real Estate - click here to get on the list to obtain your very own weekly Santa Clarita real estate report.

We never want any of our clients to go it alone.  We want anyone that is interested in anything that is real estate to make sure you are moving forward with all of the data.  Real Estate is much too large of an investment to "wing it".

One of the most important things you can do is to come in for our Paris911 Crash course on real estate.  We cover many topics from a sellers perspective and to address concerns from buyers in today's market.  After 45 minutes in the REMAX of Santa Clarita offices of the Paris911 Team you will feel as if you know much more than most Realtors that you may have encountered in today's market.

Below are your Market Reports for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. You will notice that "Santa Clarita" appears below.  This takes data from the "non mls subscribers", typically outside of the local Multiple Listing Service they don't have the specific cities to choose from when inputting a listing.  That is the reason why Santa Clarita shows as a separate report.  It is good data to have and will add to the averages of the other Santa Clarita communities.