A few items of record first.  When renting or leasing a property in today's market, you need to arm yourself with knowledge.

There are scams that are going on that you will want to try to steer clear from.  Click Here for our Video explaining some of the most prevalent Rental Scams.

Here is another link that will give you some needed advice when looking to rent.

The way to use these maps. Along the top of the map you will see that you can change the criteria.  You can dial in the numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage desired.  After you change those figures the map will render with just those properties that meet your criteria.  Double click with your left mouse button to zoom in closer.  Hold down your left mouse button to grab and move the map.  Double click with the right mouse button to zoom out.  (I'm glad I took typing in High School :-) )
These maps update hourly - so bookmark and check back often!

First - This map will show all of the Multiple Listing Service Rentals and Leases in Simi Valley:

Second - This map will show all of the MLS Rentals and Leases in the San Fernando Valley:

BTW - this page was suggested by Susan (send me your needs and I will build a page "owed" to you!!!)