REMAX of Santa Clarita talks on the phone

Real Estate agents and their Voice Mail Messages. I must point out something contained within this photo - It is a Telephone.

For the "Younger audience", it may look a bit strange, but this is how most of them looked when I was growing up. You were really "fancy" if you had a rectangular phone or one that was in a box... (remember those)

Point being, we answer the phone. Not always, but most of the time. We field many real estate questions a day, even if it is not something that we can directly help the caller with.

Something that I say often is how the person calling is usually more important than what I'm doing at the time of the call.

We do not subscribe to the "school of thought" of not answering phones and having every single telephone call to go Voice Mail. If you call around, you will find agents that have pre recorded greetings, "Hello and thank you for calling the XYZ real estate team, I cannot come to the phone right now because I am helping find buyers for my sellers and sellers for my buyers. I return calls between the hours of 12p and 1pm and again between 5 and 6pm. Leave a message..."

That's It? - You only need two hours to make call backs for those that have called throughout the day?

You maybe want to consider another line of work or working on how to obtain more leads :)

Seriously - those messages and agents not being able to serve the masses with "instant gratification", is so yesterday.

The internet is on 25/7/365. If you don't pick up or answer the phone, you can be sure that we will :)

Be safe - Talk soon and thanks for letting me explain what is contained in that photo.