As of the date of this posting - 10 properties are listed for sale in the Siena Villas in Valencia CA.  These are condo's with assigned parking spaces underneath the buildings.  Today was Sunday and a great judge of parking conditions within the complex.  Sundays are when people entertain and have people over.

There were plenty of parking spaces for visitors on the exterior of each building.  The greenbelts were thick with foilage and the paseo's within the complex were well manicured and beautiful.

Security did not seem an issue and the people that I ran into were very friendly.  The complex is not gated - but you would probably not wander in to the development unless you had purposed to.

The map below will show all of the current listings in the Siena Villas within the City of Valencia. Valencia is located within the Santa Clarita Valley.  I have chosen to have the map renter all statuses - Actives, Back-up's and pendings.  If you are interested in the purchase of one of these - you will want to keep your eyes on the Active and Backup status.

Back-up, FYI, are those that either the agents want to show active on certain websites - or they truly are not too sure about those that they are in escrow with.  Pending status has to do with the offer, that was written and accepted, being quite solid.  Actives are showing that they are available to have an offer written and considered.

As with any Real Estate listing - you are going to want to work with a local Real Estate Agent.  Someone that knows the current "market" games so they can watch out for you when you are wanting the "true story" as they relate to the home, condo or town-home you have set your sights on.