Viewing properties is always fun.  When we do it with our clients, we are a bit outside of the box.  There is nothing left to chance with our preparation.  The Listing Agent must be communicated with before I will take a client into the home they have for sale.

I will never waste a client's time by showing properties that are already in a "secure" escrow.  Those properties that our clients have ZERO chance of purchasing.

Some don't do it this way.  I have never understood why.  The preparation time allotment is close to the time that the actual viewings take place.  Maybe that is the reason - but I'm rambling.

"With all of the Short Sales that are showing "active" - but aren't.  With the foreclosures that the banks leave the "offering" door open for 21 days in some cases.  With the Standard Sale Sellers that have been convinced by their agent's that they are holding a pot of gold.  There are a lot of "personalities" in the real estate resale game that need to be contended with."

Be Safe and get good advice from those who you are choosing to represent you.

Here is something of interest about Open Houses.  How to find them and how you can stay out of trouble and loyal to your Realtor of choice.

Market Activity for the Cities within the Santa Clarita is housed in the photo of the most recent 24 hours.  You can see that 8 new listings have hit the Santa Clarita re-sale market in the past 24 hours.  To see which ones they are just click on the photo.  Price changes are something of a "trend" with the banks approving a different price for the short sales agents are selling.  Of course you always have the "It's not selling, reduce the price" model as well.

The statuses rending on the photo have always been a bit of a "trade secret".  We have cleared this up.  Click here to find out what the different statuses mean when it comes to real estate.

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