An absolute no Brain-er - Absolutely Yes...

Pinterest is composed of Boards and Pins.  When considering a bulletin board, that can be understood as a "board" in Pinterest.  When using "Pins" to stick photos, charts and graphs to the board, that is like the "Pin" function on Pinterest.

You can name the boards anything you wish.  I would recommend making them "SEO and Keyword friendly" - but not spammy...

When naming the "Pins" keep them simple and straight forward.  Pinterest allows you a lot of explanation as to what the "Pin" is about.  So go nuts but keep it true to the subject of the photo.

If you are a Service Industry - take photos of your office, staff and the actions that pertain to the service you provide your clientele.

If you are a "product based industry" - you can take photos of your products.

Both are great to post on Pinterest and you can play around with editing the photos and linking them back to your website page that has More information present for those that are interested in what you provide. Santa clarita businesses on the internet

B to B - Business to Business, Photos of what Service or Product you provide to businesses would be most appropriate.  You can also take photos of  your happy clients too!

On the PD, while teaching firearms to new recruits, we are fond of talking about the Police Officers "Tool Box".  It's that mental place where you have some of your best tools to get the job done.  With police work it may the trick that will difuse a Domestic Violence situation.  Or the best way to produce patience on the trigger during an extreme Shooting Situation.

With your Santa Clarita Business, you are going to have your "on line" toolbox as well.  Add Pinterest to that tool box and use it when you with your other "internet efforts" to display your local business to the Almighty Consumer.

Be Safe and let us know what you think about this post.  Will you start using Pinterest with your Santa Clarita Business?  I what way?  What are you going to post photos of?

Photo courtesy of the Craftsman tool box Series by Sears...

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