What a great question - Should you be and do they deserve it?

You - that depends on, well..... on you. :)

Let me cover the "deserve" part of the question.

What have they done to earn your loyalty?  Have they gone above and beyond with regard to what you want fulfilled?

I know they are not "priests" or some "higher power", but they should do more than just moving through the motions shouldn't they?

Here are some of the things that I'd consider that demonstrate going above and beyond, deserving of loyalty with regard to a Real Estate agent.

  1. Initial "game plan meeting" - So many realtors just take your call and want to get you closed - they forget this necessary step that will cover what you can expect when it comes to buying or selling a home in today's market.
  2. Answerwing preliminary questions without expectation of return - Are they giving or are they too busy wanting to get that commission check to take the time and answer your questions?
  3. Calling you up and saying, "Hey, I have found something I think meets your requirements..." - This one is priceless and is totally deserving of loyalty.  Because, most realtors, "set it and forget it", with regard to property searches for their clients.  They enter the clients criteria and they then just let the email system do it's job.

Three things, that on the surface look small and insignificant.

However, tie up with a Realtor that does not do these simple three things and you are going to feel like you have been chasing your tail for three days during a perpetual blizzard at 3am... (or something like that)

When you find one of these Game Changing Santa Clarita Realtors - Stick with them and they will get you what you want with regard to your real estate needs, I promise.

Paris and I operate a Top REMAX of Santa Clarita Team, We function and operate by the three laws :) - sorry, could not resist (movie reference), and look forward to serving your real estate needs.