Well?  Absolutely.  Do it even if you have another email address on another site.  Such as AOL Email, Yahoo Email, MSN Email or any of the others(personal email addresses included in the aforementioned statement), you are going to want to take this first step.

You will do this with the "front of mind awareness" that is related to your SEO and Content Marketing approach to your business.

Here are five reasons why it is going to be important for you to get a "FREE" gmail account on Google.

  • Google owns Gmail: Google is at the top end in percentages when it comes to people searching on-line for what they want.  People are either looking for Products and or Services on Google.
  • Google owns Blogger: Blogger is a free blog that is offered via Google - You will use your gmail account to access its rich features. (more about this later).
  • Google owns Feedburner: A platform with the ability to "burn" your RSS feeds. (more about the "why" of this later :-) )
  • Google owns Adwords: This platform will allow you to use Google's Keyword Search Tool - How you search on the internet when it comes to your own business is probably not the way others search for your business. (More on this Later)
  • Google owns Google Analytics: It is like being a sniper with a spotter.  The spotter dials you in with your very powerful scope, because your field of view is limited - You then acquire the target and take the "single" shot. (More about Analytics Later and the "why" it is deadly (in a good way.))

This is five - there are more - We will talk later - First, Get yourselves a Gmail account.

Yes, you can log into the Google Tool platform with another email service, but you will find, in the long run, this is the most beneficial. Check out the video below showing you how to do it!

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