I know you are looking for the photo.  Unfortunately, this post is toemphasize that your "headline" on your article or blog post is totally critical to having interaction and readership.Reading the headlines at the supermarketWhen you are at the super market, have you looked, albeit as a captive audience, at the tabloids at check out?  Some have the best headlines, almost driving you to pick up the magazine and look feverishly for the article described in the headline.

This is how you want your headlines to be.  However, do yourself a favor, don't mislead.  If you construct a head line about a Sexy Chimp that looks like a woman eating a cupcake - make sure you deliver on that headline.

When writing, answer questions, give great information and always remember that the things you "understand and potentially take for granted", people will have questions about.  So start simple.In real estate, it seems that the beggining stages after writing an offer are not explained to the general public. We have even had it told to us by some of our clients that they did not know what the next step was when they bought their first home with another in our industry.

That is where our video's and blog posts started.  Talking about the inner working in the real estate world.  Exposing the "man behind the curtain".

Here is a recent video we did about what "Not to do in escrow".