I have been amazed again. There is a listing in a affluent neighborhood in Northern Valencia CA. The listing has just been reduced. The listing is being offered for sale by Appointment only. A notice is required to show this one, setting that up is only through the listing agents - of which there are two.

When you are selling a home, you may want to ask the agent you are hiring, if they have a day off. You also might want to find out if they do afford themselves such luxury's and if they have someone that is on their team that has different days off? That is so you can get 100% coverage when having the agent you hired sell your home.

In this case, with this appointment only listing, Both of the Agents - the main and the co-listing agent have Sunday's off. That would not be a problem, but my Buyer, as with most buyers, can only view this home on Sundays. Maybe my buyer would be the best fit for this seller? Maybe my buyer is 100% cash and can waive their appraisal contingency? Maybe they want to buy the sellers home without caring about the cost? This scenario could be true and actually - it is!

However, knowing these buyers, I know their "turn off" point is with agents that represent poorly. It's not the sellers fault on this one. It may have been the case they were told there would be 100% coverage. They may have also been told that to have their property, shown by the Listing Agents only, is not "unusual" in today's market. If that was the case - Mr. / Mrs. Seller - you have been lied to.

There is a reason we do all of the writing and answering of real estate related questions that we do. That is to inform the public and to let people know how the "Real Estate mechanism" should work. This is to expose the "man behind the curtain".

Hire carefully, make sure you agents are not telling you want you want to hear. This includes the "pricing" of your home. If you interviewed two sets of agents from different companies, they have everything in common and gave the best answers to your questions, but one said they could sell your home for 100K more than the other agent, who would you choose? For the uninitiated, the agent most likely to be chosen was the one that said they were able to make the seller more $$$. Heck, that is who I'd hire if I was not in this business.

Two different ways of looking at this: It could be that he home would sell for 100K more and the agent that is saying "less" is wanting a fast sale or to double dip this listing.

Or, it could be that the 100K over agent is wanting to "win" the listing by "price". However, the listing is not worth that much and the agent pitching "high" knows it.

Either way, both agents are at fault. The only way to get a grasp on this is to know, going in, what your home is worth. The BEST resource for this is not Zillow. The best resource for this is a local agent's resource in the Santa Clarita Valley. Check out the sold homes in your neighborhood, If you live within one of the Santa Clarita Cities, you will find some that compare with yours. You want to pay particular attention to those that have sold in the past 6 months. check the sold listings in your neighborhood in Santa Clarita Valley