Realtors stealing other's clients

I know you probably are not in the real estate resale game.  I have a feeling that you may not be in sales at all.  However, just for your own information, the "Sales professionals" games are alive and well.

Professional cheats, more like it.  Since when is it okay to lie to another Realtor's client to get them to change agents?

Glad to be of service for your Real Estate needsIn my world - I would have to say never - But, it happens more often than you can imagine.

What happened

A little birdie told me that it happened to one of our clients this past weekend when visiting an open house in Tesoro this past weekend.

There was only one open house being held(in Tesoro) - so it should be easy to figure out.

Have a listen to our radio show to see the skinny and to know some "issues" you may want to watch out for.

New Real Estate inventory

Yes, there are new listings that you can view that have entered the Santa Clarita real estate market.  Those are accessed by heading to our main Santa Clarita Cities website and by typing into the MacBoX the word "New".


That's it - if you are more of a "typing the URL into the browser type of person" - you can also type into your browser bar at the top of the Web Portal you like using, seeing the same info that way as well.

Valencia CA Resources for Real Estate

Talk about taking the bull by the horns.  We have built many different systems that are all about Valencia Real Estate.  Here are a few of the newest resources to assist you from the Valencia Expert Realtors.

Real Estate Briefing

All good deployments with the LAPD, had a Briefing or Roll Call event.  That is where the "Troops" were caught up on the intel for the particular task force.

We were made aware of our mission and who the players were.  We were also given contingency plans, just in case someone was to get into trouble.

That is the same as it should be with real estate.  Having a sit down with our Local REMAX Real Estate Team to discuss what your needs/wants/desires are as they relate to Real Estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.

With our Real Estate Briefing, you can see your real estate dreams realized.  Be safe and let us know when you are ready to move!!!

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