Santa Clarita real estate salesToday, it is pretty easy to at least start the home selling process. In fact, with not much less than a simple Facebook or Instagram post, you may be able to get buyers swarming at the thought of you putting your home on the market for sale.

There are many corporations, mega real estate websites, brokerages, agents, and lead-gen businesses that are "real estate" based on paying big money for your attention.

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If you are someone who has owned your home for 4.7 years and live in a three-bedroom with 2.0 children, these companies are paying large sums to get you to see them.

This is because you are statistically ready to sell your home.

That is in the Santa Clarita Valley real estate market. If you own a home in the Platinum Triangle or Manhattan, the algorithm will be different, but rest assured, there is a model for those areas also.

Real estate used to be signage-driven. People called the person on the sign and the deal was made. (It never was that easy - btw), but conceptually - why not.

If you mention on one of your social media channels to a friend that you are contemplating selling your home, pay particular attention to the ads that will be hounding you in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Pay attention to the items that come in the regular mail to you.

Watch your phone and email, see what "new interruptions" you will be encountering, only for telling a friend in an instant message that you may be considering selling your home.

They are watching and others are paying to know what you are "contemplating".

Seth Godin talked about "Interruption Marketing", this is a big "sin" when the internet was starting to first come online. 

The door-knocking real estate agent at 6 pm when you are sitting down with those closest to you to have a private dinner, who wants to tell you something that cannot wait.

That phone call as you are winding down for bedtime with a critical need to convey something that has been formulated and tested to elicit some type of buying or selling (service needing) response.

Ads, Marketing and interrupters, are everywhere.

Lately, my car's warranty is about to expire - that's a hot one apparently. The thing is it's true. Is that true on purpose or is it true by accident? 

Now that I think about this, it must be by accident. The cars we have are all registered in my wife's name due to tax purposes. For them to be calling "Connor" to let me know that my car's warranty is about to expire, (thinking aloud), that is numbers-driven.

Interrupters are good for my business-ego because I know where they found me. At the top places on Google when they conducted an internet search for Santa Clarita real estate.

However, that is short-lived and a nuisance for me. I know where I am on Google, I work hard to keep my real estate business on top of their organic results.

I'm not a person who pays to interrupt people. I don't pay for your personal and private information. I don't call people at night, or at any time "inquiring" whether they want to sell their home or not.

"With the price point of real estate being in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Santa Clarita Valley, I consider others are thinking as I am, it's worth it to do a little investigation before hiring someone to be my Realtor."

Doesn't everyone think that way? What about the radio spots and ads where a company is going to buy your home directly from you and close it in as little as a week?

No people walking through your home, no agents and their big egos, just you and one point of contact who will not do any inspections, investigations, or anything else. They are going to buy your home as it and pay you a fair price.

First - What is fair? Fair in this market seems to be $60,000 higher than appraised value. In a lot of cases that number is higher. That is because homebuyers in this market are willing to pay more than appraised value to buy a home. 

Second - There are a lot of buyers who are willing to buy homes as-is. With nothing requested for repairs. With little to no investigations and inspections. 

Third - Closing in a week. This is possible in this market as well.

Fourth - no people walking through your home. I suppose these companies are going to pay you 60k over appraised value? They won't. They are looking to either hold and rent your home. Or flip it. They work by profit. A regular home buyer is going to live in your home for at least 4.7 years. Think about it. Just another crappy game that is being offered to the public.

Other online companies are similar in their approach to their "offers" strategy. You enter your information, name, address, and contact info to get an offer on your home. You will get back a number as what they "may pay" you, dependent on inspections and other approval measures, but if you don't strike a deal - where is your personal information going?

To the agents that are paying for real estate leads. To other's that are paying for real estate leads. It's so simple, it's beautiful, and is a gold mine for these businesses. Even if their original intention does not work out, they are still making money - what a system!

I have talked with people that have used these systems and come to find out they sold very short of where they could have sold. 

Remember, you pay me a commission to bring you the best-qualified buyer who is willing to offer you the most money for your home. 

You are not selling your home to me. I work for you. You are paying me a fair commission to advertise, market, and sell your home at top dollar.

I have no other interest than keep my reputation and keep my business flourishing, representing home sellers and home buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley and Southern California.

I'm local. I run into my clients at Costo, the mall, and the gym. I have a reputation for "protecting and serving" my client's real estate needs.

These companies are not operating in the best interest of their clients if their clients are looking for top dollar for their home.

Strange times are upon us. I'm still not used to the accessibility that these corporations have to a person's personal and private information.

It seems like no one is taking the time to inform on them in reference to the "literal harassment" being experienced.

If I knocked on a person's door every single night at 5 pm to ask if they want to sell their Santa Clarita home, I'm sure someone at the Board or State would get a call about me harassing them.

Numbers talk and if you have run into this type of harassment, speak up and loudly.

I'm Connor MacIvor, I have been selling real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley and in other Southern California cities since 1998. My history has some overlapping experience from when I worked for the LAPD and I'm proud of that time in my life. I have raised my family in Santa Clarita Valley and will be here for the long haul.

When you are ready, reach out to me and I'll take the best care of you regarding real estate, your needs, and desires. I operate my business as more of a real estate educator than a salesperson. I want my clients to be informed and to know about the journey they are about to embark with me on. Full Disclosure is my mantra and protecting my clients is my code. 

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