real estate in Santa Clarita

The most effective real estate agents represent buyers.  They know what the Santa Clarita buyers want when they are looking for homes.  They also are best informed on how to advise their real estate sellers with regard to what items need to have attention paid to them during the pre-sale of their home.

Paris and I learned a long time ago that we don't just put properties onto the market.  We develop game plans with our sellers so they can get the best benefit from the same of their home.  This includes the regular "standard" sales and the Short Sales "distressed" home sales.  You see, both of those "very different" types of sellers want similar out comes.  That outcome needs to benefit each party the most.  A Standard sale seller may want the most money for their home.  They could want their home to sell fast because they need to move. A Short Sale Seller is about protection and not having future issues from deciding to short sale their home.

What do you do if you are selling your home and you cannot afford repairs? Selling real estate is stressful and often done out of necessity as opposed to desire. Yes, you are aware that curb appeal is important and your home’s condition and appearance will either attract a buyer or repel one, but what can you do if your finances are limited?

This is a tough position to be in, there is no doubt about it. The first choice is to price out your competition. The home next door may be in great condition but if yours is priced better then a buyer may be willing to do the repairs himself. The other option is to offer credit at closing for items like new carpet or new windows.

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Time and time again you read how important it is to stage your home, make repairs, and work on your home’s curb appeal. Search the internet for low-cost home improvement projects and do whatever you can do. If you can’t make improvements, you simply can’t make improvements. Price is king in today’s market and a bargain may be more appealing to a buyer than a perfect home.

This is the most recent "Sold in Stevenson Ranch" home with 5 bedrooms.  When considering selling, the best way is to gather the intel from a local Real Estate Expert. The days of "doing" real estate as a side job or as a way to supplement income are long gone.  It does, however, take those of us that are dug in deeper than Alabama Ticks to be of the BEST assist our buyers and sellers in navigating the dangerous waters that are today's local Real Estate world.

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