Santa Clarita real estate radio transcriptionSanta Clarita home experts - Transcript of today's real estate radio show for Santa Clarita real estate. Episode 2019-346

Connor Macivor:     00:00          Good and everybody. Connor ever, thank you so much for tuning in. Santa Clarita, home local agents here in Santa Clarita Valley. I am with there max brokerage Remax gateway. I do have the longest-running real estate podcast and we're going to talk about the numbers, what's going on in real estate and potentially when the best time for you to list a property or to buy may be here in the next few months. And I'll give some reasons and rationale as to why I believe these things to be the case. I've been representing buyers and sellers since 1998 here in the Santa Clarita Valley and I work with my wife, Paris and I are both in the business and you see what you get. We had a team at one time, one of those quote-unquote mega teams. Uh, there's a lot of falling short with having so many people involved. When people are coming to hire us to get the job done, you pass them along to someone else to get the job done.


Connor Macivor:     00:59          And you know, just realistically I would rather have less business but much better quality control and much stronger relationships with clients that having a whole bunch of business and realistically not being able to keep track of anything, letting things fall short and then having clients not too happy with that process. So we've matured, right? 2020 plus years in the business. That's a sign of maturity. Santa creative Valley. It's technically your home if you go there, you'll be able to click on any one of the cities out here to see that current inventory. And if you've been looking at any time, you'll really, really appreciate that because it is a local website, it's my website. So local resource, you don't have to worry about being scammed or having, you know, 55 agents ringing your telephone because they want your business just because you asked a question so you can ask questions all day long.


Connor Macivor:     01:56          Santa Clarita, home it will be yours truly that answers them and get back, gets back to you and helps you. So on this website, if you're interested in the different neighborhoods here in Santa Clarita Valley, I have those posted there. Give you some examples. You may have heard if you're looking around and you're looking in Valencia, may have heard of North park, Northbridge, Bridgeport, the summit, Woodlands, these different areas. There's going to be specific tabs that you can click on to get into there and see what active listings are currently for sale. Also, something to watch out for. Not so much something new, but there have been issues online. When you go to these other websites, the non-local stuff, the ones ours are basically monitored by the boards of realtors, so they have to display things correctly. There are some websites out there that don't have that high standard, so when you look, you're going to see listings that aren't in fact really for sale.


Connor Macivor:     02:54          They are those dreamed listings are pocket listings, things that agents may have gone to somebody and gotten their permission to put up on these sites. But unfortunately, even if you were to offer a lot more than the property's worth, which you know you shouldn't do that, but even if you did, again, it's not realistically under the contract nor for sale. So again, when you're looking online, you want to look at the most accurate rendition of the listings out there so you can really see what's available, what's going on every year during this time, during the holiday season, there's a slow down in real estate, not a lot of sellers selling and not a lot of buyers buying throughout the holidays. Now they asked me, you know, is this a good time to sell? It depends on your necessity to sell. If you're trying to get out of here and get to some other area in the United States, that might be a less expensive market.


Connor Macivor:     03:47          It might not be a bad time, but when you're looking numbers-wise about closings and not really sale price numbers, but closing figures, March and summer is going to be your strongest times of the year when it comes to selling residential real estate. The unknown variable has come in where we don't know how much more competition is going to be there. Currently, right now for sellers, there's very little, very little competition, but listing a house during the holidays, holidays involves you showing that house during the holidays. Keep me up, picked up during the holiday, super clean during the holidays. Some people don't want to do that and on the other end of it buyers, if they're looking during the holidays, folks, if your buyers are looking for a really good deal, you might be able to find it. The trick is though is there's not a lot of buyers that want to go interrupt their holiday schedule to go look at real estate listings and properties.


Connor Macivor:     04:43          But again, there are buyers out there, there are sellers out there, so realistically, depending on your needs, looking at the numbers now and then maybe comparing that with a couple of years before watching, if in fact those sale prices were reduced at all because of the higher volume on the market and March, April, may, June might give you some really good answers. So that's what we do with our clients. We'll sit down and discuss whether or not that's something you should entertain or hold off until this next year. Interest rates are still very low in the threes. You can see that on our website by going to Santa Clarita, home forward slash. The blog we do have interest rates posted there and they do fluctuate of course still, but they're very low. The question is, are they going to be changing here in the next year? I wouldn't see them changing at all, probably staying quite static until we get to the election.


Connor Macivor:     05:38          Then after that, anybody's guess, at this point, it's going to depend on if the same president's in there or if we get somebody new in office. More than likely even both of those scenarios are going to change the finances here around a little bit in the United States, so we'll have to keep an eye on that. And finally, new housing, whenever you're approaching new housing, and I'll have to tell you this, this is the truth. The truth is there are several truths. One of the truth is truths are if you go onto a new housing center and you put down your name or put your name on an iPad and you're doing it without your agent by your side so your agent can register you, you forfeit your ability to have your agent represent you for free, negotiate for you for free, get extra discounts and basically hammer down the builder's agent and having them go back and forth with corporate a few times, getting you your very best deal.


Connor Macivor:     06:40          The nice thing about new housing is if you go in and you see a property that you like during, excuse me, during the negotiation process, that property is held for you and if your agent has a lot of tenacity, your agent's ability to get that price typically even lowered by tens of thousands or more. In some cases, our best to date scenario was over a $70,000 reduction. That included a lot premium being covered, that that was a property that had fallen out of escrow where I got the call first because of my relationship with the new home buyer agents, the new home. Uh, if the new housing, the builder's agents that are there, you gotta be friendly in the business in order to get what you want or what your clients want eventually. And this actually worked out in that regard. And other cases, you know, 10 $50,000 in closing costs depending on the property, isn't a stretch.


Connor Macivor:     07:39          A discounts, lot premiums, extra incentives, builder credits, those sorts of things. Take a little bit more negotiation but definitely worth it at the end of the day. And finally, what's also important to have me with you the first time is you get to hear me speak with a new housing representative and talk about things that are going to matter. What's the infrastructure going to be like in the next 10 years? Are they building grocery stores, for example, to support people that live here? Cause if you're living up at the end of plum Canyon, there's not a lot of choices right there. You have to drive down the road a little bit to hit Albertsons. They're at Haskell and going down. You could jump over to Canyon country, Stater brothers off of White's Canyon there and via Princessa and um, Sierra highway. There's a VR to market which would be up to solid a little bit.


Connor Macivor:     08:33          So there's not like stuff, right, right there. There's a Vons down the corner? No. Is it a Ralphs Vons or Ralph's down at the corner of White's Canyon. Solidad so these are places that are close but not like super close. You might walk there if you're really wanting to get out there and do a Trek, but it's not going to be across the street or down the street. So I ask those questions, what's going to be provided for folks that are living in these massive communities that are being built. The other thing too, has there been any kind of a traffic impact study? Cause that would be horrible if you got up in the morning and said, you know what it used to be, it only took me 10 minutes to get to the freeway. But here five years later, because of these 18,000 new homes that Santa Clarita is slotted to build and the half-built, now all of a sudden it takes me 48 minutes to get to the freeway.


Connor Macivor:     09:22          That's a lot of extras. So traffic impact studies aren't a bad idea to at least ask that question to see if something like that exists so you can base your new home purchase on knowing what the future is going to entail. These, you know, as close as we can get, I've caught her Mikai ever. Thank you so much for tuning in to today's real estate radio show I had on Instagram two weeks before Christmas, maybe a little bit less. I haven't done the math. I'm scared to and there you go. We're coming up in 2020 we're excited about that as well. Whenever you're ready, please reach out. I am here for you. Thanks for tuning in. Dust here and be safe over and out.