home staging bedroom spacesMany buyers want the perfect move in home that doesn't require any upgrades or renovations. According to the buyers working primarily with the Paris911 team, they want a home that is ready to move into.

We still have some "handy" buyers that don't care about the "visual aspects", they want functional and are willing to do the repairs, upgrades, and renovations themselves, as long as the home is priced right.

When we take buyers out to view real estate listings, they have a "score sheet" if you will. They have the printouts and take notes, in most cases, they also snap photos of "spaces" they liked to remind themselves when we return to the office to write offers.

Here are some of the "key areas" that we find most important to buyers today.

It all starts with Curb Appeal. This is critical because it "sets the mood" and "builds anticipation" for the buyers when viewing properties.

I cannot tell you how many sellers lost, "qualified and interested buyers", from a bad first impression.

Once you have taken care of the curb appeal, according to the professional Realtor you hired, the next thing is to get involved with your entrance.

A majority of our buyers, when they first enter a home we are showing, want it to be uncluttered and flow toward the focal point of the home. If the focal point is your family room/kitchen, they want the home to flow in that direction.  Your attention to open spaces in your home is also very important.  Making good use of the spaces and making sure the rooms are assigned to the "intended use" theory, when having your home shown, can make all of the difference in a buyers eyes.

We have been told by our Real Estate buyers, they adore hotel style bathrooms and contemporary kitchens. While, in some markets, it does not make sense to do complete bathroom or kitchen remodels, your Realtor will be able to inform you if there would be more profit in you doing so.  After that showing of proof, remember - the decision is always yours, you are the boss.

Most Top producing Realtors can refer you to a home stager as well. A inexpensive endeavor that could equate to thousands of more dollars in  your pocket for the cost of a few hundred.

When it comes to the master bedroom, buyers love those that are warm and inviting. A retreat of sorts, where they can unwind and relax from their hectic day.

When it comes to flooring, hardwood is the number one choice when it comes to buyers wants. If you happen to have hardwood under your carpet, now would be the time to consider uncovering it, waxing and buffing it in preparing your home for sale.

Remember, as stated, you won't get a second chance to make a positive first impression on a buyer viewing your home for sale.

Be safe - Ask for our Team by Name, We are The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA.