The Firearm is a very important part of the equation between the ammunition and the firearm.  But if your ammunition is non functional - the firearm does you no good.  That is why dry and being stored outside of the elements is the best way in which to ensure your ammunition will function when called upon.

Real Estate and the company which a single agent or real estate team can be likened to the firearm.  The advertising and marketing of your Santa Clarita Listing can be compared to the ammunition.

If the agent has the wrong kind of ammunition, a different caliber or if their ammunition is soiled - the firearm is useless.  To place your home in front of the most qualified buyers should be the goal of any successful real estate agent or team.  But with the wrong caliber or bad ammo, this cannot take place.  The agent might also not be up to date on the most effective ways to advertising in the "new medium - the Internet".

You home will sit on the market without being viewed collecting dust.  Any and all Qualified Santa Clarita Realtors will be able to track the numbers of views and routinely re-post your home every 48 to 72 hours on the various Real Estate Buyer engines on the World Wide Web.  I should say they "should" do this to keep your listing fresh and in front of the most qualified buyers - giving your property the most exposure possible to those what will want to buy it!

New Listings: 1

Out of the New Listings:  REO: 0

Short Sale: 1
Active Listings: 1270
Avg. Days on Market: 112

Pending Daily New: 1
Closed Daily New: 0
Pending & Backup Offers Total:694

January Closed to Date: 75

2011 YTD Closed Escrows: 75

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