If you live in Castaic CA, you will know that is is located just north of Los Angeles - in the North-west end of the Santa Clarita Valley.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered (the cop in me...) :-)

  • Why are you selling?
  • What is your time frame (when do you have to be out by?)
  • What upgrades have you performed on your home since you have owned it?
  • What was your appeal to the house when you bought it?
  • What do you think a buyer will like / dislike?
  • What do you expect out of me as your Realtor and where did you last Real Estate Agent go wrong? (most important question)

The amount of questions I just posted does not seem like a lot - there are more, but I don't want to tip my hand to other Realtors that might not pack the gear to serve in My Beloved Core... of  "Real Estate".

This is an example of a single page on our Santa Clarita Real Estate Television Site.  You will notice that the bottom of this page is flooded with Castaic Homes for sale.  Not just any Castaic Listings - All of the Castaic Listings that fit the profile of Three Bedrooms, no more and no less.  They have to have just completed the Foreclosure Process with the Bank and they have been selected to populate our Real Estate Television Website from Newest to Oldest.

Another item worth pointing out - these are not all the Paris911 Team's Listings.  There are Brokers in Real Estate represented on this list that are local and some are "out of area" agents.

Can an "out of area" agent sell your home?  Sure they can.  Can they market to the same niches that we are able too?  Negative - no way. Speaking about Marketing - How do you want your home sold - for the maximum price possible, "Am I correct?"  The only way to do that is by undying "Exposure".  We utilize a lot of different "paid for" systems when we market each Sellers Listing.  We also have a ton of Networking Groups that your home will get presented to.  Furthermore We have custom by City Websites that attract a multitude of buyers -not because of tricks, but do to Listing population - I'm going to stop yet again...

Call me, email me, send me a letter, introduce yourself and we will take good care of you.

Think of it this way, if I can take another agent's listing and scream it from the mountain tops - Can you imagine what I can do for one I am on contract with? It indeed is spectacular.

Also, you might have been pitched about an agent door knocking or calling your home that says they have a buyer for it...  I wrote an interesting article about that very thing.

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