Santa Clarita buyer love letters for home sellers

Don't you just love it? Love letters are not only appropriate for those you want to have a date or relationship with, they work on real estate sellers too.

Even if the real estate seller is a corporation. There is always a human component reviewing the documents that are making up the offers they have received.

That "Human" may just have a soft spot in their heart for the love letter you have generated.

Regular Standard Seller's and Short Sale Seller's also have a soft spot for a real estate buyer who has taken the time to submit a "love letter" with their offer.

Love Letter Photograph

We want nice portraits. Not any "sexy" pictures. Those never work, at least for long :) When it comes to trying to impress a real estate seller about how much you love their home and why they should choose your offer over any others.

Love Letter Format

Dear John and Frank,

My name is Hal Schmidt and I had a chance to look at the home you are selling located at the corner of walk and don't walk. (be specific with the address of the home you are writing the letter about)

When I first entered your home I actually was able to visualize myself and my wife Mary raising our three children within it's walls.

Molly, our eldest, immediately ran upstairs and started screaming, "This is my room!!!"

Zack, our middle child was excited about having enough room in the back yard to play catch with me.

Dennis, our youngest, just cooed - (he's 10 months :) )

We have had a chance to look at a lot of homes and none felt as comfortable and inviting as yours.

I felt as if, and Mary agreed, your home was smiling at us and our family!

For what it's worth, we would appreciate you considering our offer on your home and we appreciate you taking the time to read this "heart filled" letter.


Hal and Mary

Don't get too in love...

It's okay to bring up personal sentiment about a sellers home on the love letter. Just don't over do it.

Especially, don't "over do it", if you are undercutting the price, then it looks to a seller as if you are making fun of them.

Love letter composition strategy:

It's important to bring up parts of the home and attach them with you human elements.

I can see myself coming home from a hard day at work and sitting in front of the cozy fire place.

Mary can visualize herself doing her crafts in the downstairs office.

Billy, my 7 year old son, looked at me straight in the eye as we were in your backyard, "Hey Dad, this is a perfect place for you and I to play catch!"

We have two adorable poodles, I'm sure they will love the dog run you have so carefully equipped your home with.

You get the picture?

In your love letter, you want to connect yourselves personally with specific aspects of the sellers home, condo or town-home.

It doesn't matter if the property is a double wide - you may address the safety of the mobile home being located in a gated community, providing you the safety you have always wanted.

We will guide you and advise if your seller love letter is too dramatic, too weak, or just right.

The bottom line about Buyer Love Letters

A real estate seller, all things being equal, will choose your offer - due to your love letter - above others.

However, if you are offering less in price than the other offers that lack a love letter, you maybe the loser.

In retrospect, we have been real estate representatives since 1998. During that time we have seen our love letter format, as applied by our real estate buyers, trump other offers that offered more and had better financing.

While this is not always the case, writing a love letter for all offers written could not hurt in the least, if done correctly!

I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be of service with your real estate needs.