How do you find Starbucks coffee shops in the Santa Clarita Valley cities?  We have those resources and want everyone to know we are not all about selling Real Estate.  First and foremost we are conveyors of information about the community that we love most - and that is where we live - right here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Paris911 real estate teamI'd bet dollars to donuts that most real estate searches have been coordinated to sell homes.  I mean, they are real estate searches aren't they?

What if you were to have a local search engine.  I know that every time we head out to another city in California we use it when on the road or after we have arrived at our destination.

We have affections for different types of food.  We are going to want to get our "Starbucks" on.  We also are going to want to do some shopping in this "City" we know nothing about.

So we log into our Spatial match search engine.  We ask the questions and get the answers.  Looking for Sushi resturants?  What about a dry cleaners?  I used our Spatial Match search last time I was in Austin Texas for a real estate seminar, I'm glad I did because I could have gone broke on having dry cleaning done at the hotel!

When is a Real Estate search engine not "only" a real estate search engine.  When it's on the Top Santa Clarita real estate website - Just shut off the Listings and choose the "lifestyle" function.  Watch the video and thanks for checking out our Paris911 Search Systems for Santa Clarita Valley and beyond.