Condos, townhomes, single-family residences, all housing types have a place online. When I first started in the business back in 1998 - the online systems for homes were nonexistent. 

Searching for Santa Clarita real estateThere was a printed list of homes that were for sale available from the board of realtors. It was picked up each morning and old pages were removed and new pages were entered. 

It wasn't fancy. It was a dot-matrix printout. It has property information and a verification phone call to check on the availability was always necessary.

Getting that callback, was another issue. 

Those were the days of office phones, real telephone lines, no VOIP, and pagers. Some of the "most fancy" had a pager capable of a text message that was the size of a deck of cards. However, those text messages were generated by an operator, and each message cost $$$ to the pager's owner.

Fax machines were just starting to be trusted in the conveyance of an offer, but in-person delivery, face to face offer presentations were more honored.

Today the internet and automation seem to be the ruling classes. However, while all listings and homes for sale are available online, getting that home and winning the bid, requires an experienced and savvy real estate agent.

Knowing the history of real estate offers and offering really helps a home buyer get what they want.

I see the homes for sale, at the same time the home buyer does. Homebuyers that are working with me get access to the "coming soon" real estate listings that have been uploaded as being for sale. In some cases, this is a 21-day preview of a home for sale.

However, while this is a nice preview of coming real estate listings for sale, it is of very little buyer benefit.

This is because those homeowners will want complete listing saturation before entertaining any offers, even offers that are cash at the asking price.

Searching is simple. It should not require you to give up your personal and private information. Except in the case, like on my website for homes and searching, when you want to save your search. 

Saving your search helps you with viewing future listings if you want them.  You can also be notified when a listing enters the market for sale that matches your needs.  

Just do yourself a favor and ensure you are not being played or having your personal or private information sold or traded.

I watch out for my clients. I am first to give the intel related to a home that was sent to me that matches my client's needs. I run the taxes, check the HOA fee's, and have all of the other information for my clients when I get back to them. 

We go to view the home in person and take it from that point. 

I have my clients on text and SMS. When one of my clients sees a real estate listing for sale, they know to hit me up. They text me, call me or email me. I do the research and we take it from there.

If the market is not one where I'd personally purchase a home, I even discuss that with my buyers. I have found being honest to a fault grows my business exponentially.  

Let me know when you are ready to meet and I will take great care of you.