So, you're looking for foreclosures and short sales with regard to a real estate search. There are many different ways to approach this situation but the one that I would recommend is Using a local real estate search.

What we have done at Paris is implemented a local real estate search that is driven by an Internet data exchange system. The IDX or Internet data exchange does populate with the most recent listings available-for-sale within any of the cities that it is operated within.

The reason why we find this is better than the real estate syndication websites, is that it includes an agreement that has to be signed between a broker a real estate agent and also the local Board of realtors. That is because the data obtained is proprietary and impossible to get if you're not a real estate agent.

With regard to searching for short sales and foreclosures we have two resources that we've made available to our clients and the people out there that are interested in searching for real estate with a local system. We have populated our sites with all of these listings. If you go to Paris look at the Mac box.

The Mac box will show you the best ways to find the listings that you're looking for by category. So if you would like to search foreclosures, or short sales, or active real estate, you can do so from our main website.

The three search terms that are used by our clients are actually keywords within the real estate search process. If you're looking for Santa Clarita foreclosures, Santa Clarita short sales, and Santa Clarita active listings they can all be found within the macbox resource at our main website of

Type in the words as they follow, one at a time, to do your specific Santa Clarita real estate search. The first word that you will want to type in if you are looking for foreclosures, is the word foreclosures. You will see them by typing in this word into the Mac box at you will see every single foreclosure listing that is available-for-sale right at this exact moment.

The second focal point or the second word is going to be short sales. The word that you want to type in when looking for the short sales, or pre-foreclosures that are currently for sale within the Santa Clarita Valley, Are the words short sales. Type these two words in the macbox of Paris Short sales, and you will be looking at an engine that is populated with just a short sale listings a.k.a. pre-foreclosures, that are available within all of Southern California to include Santa Clarita Valley.

A big effort is been applied to the active real estate listings page at Paris Most of the syndication websites are going to populate with listings that are actually not available-for-sale. In fact a lot of the syndication real estate websites are going to be showing you listings that have sold or pending status and that are no longer available for the public for procurement or purchase. So the best place to find the active listings this by going to our main website at Paris and just looking at the Internet data exchange or multiple listing service map.

Paris and I have worked very hard on developing search systems for our clients. We have gotten constant feedback from them regarding how they hate being played on line when it comes to searching for active real estate listings. The other thing that bothers them most is the fact that they can't just search with total anonymity. They are forced to input their personal information. The other thing that bothers them is their personal information is actually sold to a plethora of real estate agents.

We don't do that. We are local real estate agents headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley. We only want what's best for our clients. We do not sell their information. We do not give up their personal information. And if they do register to search they are only doing so to obtain listings by email, in the future, if they choose that they want them.