Relocating with technology

Searching for homes via your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device has just become easier with the advent of our Paris911 Team and Associates development of our Mobile Technology and search platforms.

(click on the photo to the left and choose the Mobile Optimized search platform)!!!

Within any real estate team, you typically hire advisors that will keep you and your clients on the cutting edge of technology.

We are no different, besides me being a bit of a geek, (having said I'm a bit of a geek -  I can point out all of the 6 lubrication points on a Glock Semi Automatic Pistol), I love technology with regard to Real Estate.

We embrace the things we don't understand or know anything about.  We want to learn so our clients can grow stronger from the sharing.

We are not ashamed to let a Techno Wizard know we have not the slighest idea of "how" to do "X".  However, what we know, that they do not, is our "Why".

When you have a "why" in the REMAX Relocation business, then the "How and What's" are easy to develop.  The Why is the most important aspect of our Real Estate business.  We want our clients to always be informed, to never has to ask what is going on and to always be safe when embarking down the road to home ownership.

Our Why?  We do it because of our Backgrounds in the Public Service Industry.  We rose to the level of police officers, me with the LAPD for 17 years - full time.  Currently I am a LAPD Reserve.  It was because I hated to see the weaker tramped upon, stole from and abused by the "predators" of the world.(nothing much as changed :-) )

Today, the same holds true. With the world view of real estate agents being in the toilet - or at least around the "ring", it is time that some came to the table and offered up a "better way".  A Way that includes full disclosure and always sacrificing a "deal" than throwing a client under the bus.

That is our Why...  What is your's with regard to what you do?