This works in all of Southern California FYI!

Location 2 click on the blue barWhen it comes to searching for homes and real estate, searching by location is an excellent option.

See our REMAX offices in Santa Clarita Valley!

Today, most computers - almost 95% and all smartphones have a geolocation system via an internal Global Positioning System (GPS).

That means, that from the comfort of your own location - home, office, even in  your car, you can search for the real estate listings that are for sale close by.

This is a system that we had built for our Real estate clients in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and within the Southern California areas in which we serve them.

Searching for homes by Location - because we are local Realtor, is going to take you giving some basic permissions.

We have a home buyer guarantee!

The system, on your desktop, will ask if it's okay to use your location. The same goes for your iPad, Android, iPhone, Tablet, etc... It asks if it's okay for SCVnest, or "the website" to use your current location.

After you grant the system permission, you will see the following information:

Remember - this is our Multiple Listing Service based home search engine.

It is not a real estate syndication website.

You will not be taken advantage of as some of the well publicized First Time Buyer Programs.

We are Local RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Realtors and I have the same belief system as most of our clients.

I hate to be sold and I have never liked the feeling of being pressured!


Click on the blue bar (search properties near me) to start the geolocation process within the SCVnest real estate search system.

location 1 SCVnest start your search

Then click on the "OK" field within the SCV nest system when it asks for your permission to grant my site to use your current location so it may find homes in close proximity to where you are!

location 3 Grant the location search permission

The Geolocation module will then target the homes, condos and townhomes that are currently listed for sale in and around your exact location.

location 4 Wait for the location search to load

Here they are - I was stopped in Bridgeport this morning when I shot this photo.

location 5 the results of your location search

Be safe and let me know when you are ready for our help with your Real Estate!