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Local SEO Expert SEO Radio Show Show Notes - Rough:

Everyone - that has me in a circle - appears pretty easily - take the real estate industry - but I do know that people like.
Circle them on Google Plus - the day they decide to search on Google Plus - See your content -
Black hat techniques - rise to the top of the SERP's - Panda/Penguin - more and more difficult to search - Page Rank - how strong is your website.  Measure that by inbound links - Nerds linking to Nerds.
Social Validation - google authorship and google Plus - put your content - link farms - boosted the site up in the search results - another one - way back then, I work with some locksmiths in new york. - gangsters.  Back then, reviews counted.
White hat typically over optimization - did job too well.
Google Plus - two sides of basically SEO, on page, off page.(links), the very first requirement, first of appear, homes for sale Santa Clarita.
TLD, keywords don't count - it's all they have to work with.
 Keywords in your content - Title of the Blog - reinforced - partially abandoned keywords.  It's a algorithm -
First thing - get content relevant to the search - the bot will go out there and this is it relevant - how are we going to judge relevance - if it's a website - has a lot of inbound links, the new measure social signals -
How important is the domain name?  It was one of the things they are looking at, if you have done domain.
I heard the other day - penalty for ranking domain names.
Al Remetch- the problem with what I see - only about 17% of your posts reach your audience - Where as Google Plus - is that you can get stuff ranked easily -
Opt in - permission marketing - circle them on Google Plus....
Who do you circle....
Real Estate person in Moorpark helping - utilizing to the max....
One thing that people should be doing - they should try to migrate - Google Plus - Don't wait for them to go on Google Plus - a lot of ways -Hangouts on Google Plus - Business that can be served by Hangouts - show a home they have listed, next Saturday - circled the real estate agent, they came and watched the hangout - maybe they gave up their search for a home. - home.
I personally circle - some of the industry experts - SEO Experts - people that are doing a lot of that - we all go out and we find it and share it - I'm also interested in the real estate market.  Moderator on some of the real estate communities.
back to that question - that goes back to something like author rank and author authority - help you look like an expert in the industry - it would be good to have other realtors circle you - it would be far more important to have potential customers circle you - what is helping me to get to the first page of the search results - we like to react to each other's posts - tribes - stay on google plus a while - you will develop a mini community - social sphere of people that interact with you - that is valuable - those plus one's - comments are valuable - people are responding - to your content - circle a lot of people that will circle me - if you circle me - that is one thing - when I circle you back - not everybody and not all of the time - it does not do it in the same way - Connor will circle this in the same person - if Connor has circled - they might want to know me - the short of that the more two way relationships the more your name will be -
Just the tools they have - youtube - everybody that buys an android phone - join google - get involved - just by being this huge gorilla on the INTERNET space.
main street - like us on facebook - people are not embracing google on that manner - like us on Facebook - see what they are doing - if they got involved in Google Plus - their content comes up in their blog post.  Their special that they have for the weekend - tremendous opportunities for relationship between business and their customers.