How do you search on the internet for businesses like yours?  Are you in touch with how the "people of the world" are searching?  There are ways to bring you back into touch with how the masses are searching for your business or service type.Top On Line Local SCV Realtors

Recommended - google Adwords.  Their system will help you wrap your mind around the proper keywords by which people are searching the world wide web. Keywords:  the most common words or phrases that a consumer or searcher uses within the main Search Sites - Yahoo, Google and Bing...

Search Engine Optimization:  Getting the best "organic Results" for your business when people are searching on-line.

Organic Results:  The results displayed at the top of the search pages - not the "top" - but those below the top, sponsored listings and the Local Results - that is where the Organic Results Start.  That is, BTW, where people are focused.

Adwords:  A system put into place by Google that will track this data and give the "asker" results based on their business type. If you are at the top of the Organic Search Results - on the Search Engine Results Pages (serp's) on Google - you are most likely on the others as well.

If that is the case - GREAT JOB. If not, you have some work to do.  Subscribe to our optomization info.  BTW - we are Real Estate agents, not SEO moguls.  But we do try to help other businesses with their Internet Exposure because we learned it ourselves, the hard way.

Just like in real estate - no one is going to help you without being paid.  The internet SEO and optimization companies don't do their businesses for free.  We do - because that is not what we do.  We are real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley that built our on-line exposure by reading, podcasts, and radio interviews.  We are the Hard Learners that want to give back to the Business community - one business at a time.

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