When you buy a home, condo or town-home from my team and I, I promise certain things. The sameTop Rated Realtors "promises" come about when you utilize my team and I to sell any home, condo or town-home.

We have built our business on more than an handshake. While we cannot guarantee that the perfect home is going to be for sale at the time you want to buy, we can guarantee we will hunt for it like no other!

When it comes to real estate buyer and real estate seller representation - we need to establish the rules of home hunting and our real estate seller representation models.

With regard to home seller - we have a written guarantee.

The same exists with our Paris911 REMAX Team regarding those Real Estate buyers we are working with.

  • One - Remaining a Realtor in Good Standing - I guarantee to continue my membership with the local Boards of Realtors. The California Association of Realtors and also the National Association of Realtors. This allows our clients access to the actual Multiple Listing Service and will let them view real estate listings that are on the market for sale now. They don't have to rely on Zillow - Trulia or the other syndication websites to search for homes and realty. This benefits our real estate buyers in the way they are not missing 40% of the for sale listings - they see everything on our SCVnest site!

I will tell you that this is only the first of our 10 tenants for the home buyers we work with and what we share with them concerning our home buyer methods of operation.

Our Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles Home Buyer Guarantee add's value to our clients real estate experiences. We have these in place so our clients are able to keep protected and to search securely.

Remember, I was an LAPD cop for a long time. I hate to see anyone taken advantage of. I dislike the games related to real estate sales and the high pressure methods that are still existent in the real estate markets of today.

From our goSCV Website:

When it comes to selecting a real estate agent to represent you as a real estate buyer you want to be careful.

You are about to embark on a journey that is going to take months to years in the procurement of real estate.

You want someone that is going to be active in your home, condo and town-home search. Not someone that has a "set it and forget it", mentality like is applicable to a rotisserie oven!

Someone that has access to the inventory and homes for sale that everyone else has access to, is not enough for a Real Estate Buyer in Today's Real Estate market.

You need someone that has the added benefit of being able to search, "distressed", "off market" and "pre market" real estate inventory.

Who has their fingers on the pulse of distressed inventory, the foreclosures and others, before and when they hit the real estate markets for sale.

I am the Realtor whom you have been seeking and Train my goSCV/Paris911 Team in the same tenacious and hard charging way of real estate - listing procurement for our Real Estate Buyers!!!

See our goSCV Home Seller Guarantee! 

When using me to Buy your First or Next Home, Condo or Town-home, I solemnly guarantee to:

1. Access the Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service I will search the Active Inventory in the Multiple Listing Service. However, I am a member at multiple boards of Realtors and have access to more than one Multiple Listing Service data set and property listings hub. I will use my vast resources and knowledge to also search for my Real Estate buyers on those additional systems.

2. Real Estate Listings that are in Escrow - Under Contract. I will also put forth my absolute efforts to search the real estate listings that are in escrow with a hopes of them falling out so you may have access to view those listings at the moment, or before, they "officially" fall out of escrow!

3. I will also add the bank owned, pre foreclosures, real estate owned(REO), foreclosures, auctions and sold to third listings to my active search for each of our goSCV and SCVnest Real Estate Buyers.  Most of these listings are not on the market for sale. However, every one is available to be studies and may potentially turn into something one of our buyer will be able to obtain before it hits the market for sale, at a discount!

4. I will access my vast networks of other Top Producing Realtors to gain access to "Pre market and Pre Listing" homes, condos and townhomes so my Real Estate buyers can be the first in before these properties hit the market for sale.

5. My Real Estate clients will never compete with another buyer, on the same real estate listing, that is utilizing our real estate team of goSCV and SCVnest - Guaranteed!

6. Comparables and Fair Market Value comps will be ran on every single real estate listing our Buyers desire to have an offer written on! We never want our buyers paying more than a property is worth at today's real estate market value.

7. Every single contract, piece of paper, disclosure, everything will be explained to our Real Estate buyer's satisfaction to best protect their interests.

8. We will make sure to live up to timeframes and keep an continued open line of communication with our buyers so they are not having to "guess" as to where they are in the present transaction!  Furthermore, we will be available for our real estate buyer at most all hours, on holidays, after hours, on weekends, anytime we are not sleeping!

9. I promise, if I see, observe or learn the knowledge of anything that is going to place my client in harms way, either emotionally, physically, monetarily, or in any way having to do with the home they are buying, I will bring it to my buyers attention immediately!!!

10. I will make sure every single offer is written to the superior advantage of my real estate buyer(s) and done some in such a way to give them the greatest response rate with keeping them in the best light possible.

While these 10 goSCV - SCVnest Buyer Guarantee Tenants and Rules seem simple. They are not. Each of these Guarantees are in place due to experience we have gained since 1998, when we first started in real estate representation and home buyer consultation services.

When you are ready, we will be here for you as we have been for so many other real estate buyers. Who is the SCVnest Team?

We work in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - Antelope Valley - Greater Los Angeles - Ventura County and other Southern California Cities and Areas!

See our Home Buyer Search Radius! 

Reach out to me directly to represent you as a real estate buyer and I'm Glad to Be of service!

Real Estate is not hard - it's just easy to take advantage of people because of all the mysteries that surround the Realtor Businesses and their day in and day out operations.

We remove the veil from Real Estate. I hate to be gamed, played or scammed. I want to be as transparent as possible when dealing with people. Without that philosophy, Karma will come around and bit me right in the A$$! - Be safe and let me know when you are ready for my help with your Real Estate!