Should the appliances stay when purchasing real estate

Some sellers take everything. That is why it's important for you to make sure your real estate agent locks down all of the appliances down by contract.  Ensure they are communicating with the listing agent and make sure they are getting everything that is being promised in writing.

Bank Owned and Real Estate owned real estate can be much different deals.  During a typical real estate transaction, the way the property appears during the initial viewing, is the way it will be delivered minus the sellers personal property.

During the final walk through - what if the items, the real property, the appliances are gone?  What if the property is being delivered not as within contract and not as expected?  Let your agent be your guide.  They should be able to quote chapter and verse.

If you are buying or selling real estate you may be wondering about appliances and whether they stay or go. This depends completely on when you are asking the question. Are you wondering about this on closing day or during the contractual process?

More often than not appliances stay with a home when it is sold. However, this does not mean that appliances HAVE to be included in the sale of a house. If you are selling a home it is your responsibility to present the buyer with a list of inclusions and/or exclusions. If you, as the seller, are extremely attached to an appliance, or all appliances it is your right to exclude them from the sale of your home.

Likewise, if you are a buyer and you want to make sure that an appliance in the home is included in the purchase of the home then you can make this clear in your contract. In fact this holds true for anything you like in the home, from window treatments to a piece of furniture. While putting it in the contract doesn’t guarantee the seller’s acceptance it certainly can become a negotiating chip.

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