On this Paris911 Search Page you will find all of the residences, single family, condos and or town-homes that are under $300,000.00.  All will have a minimum of 3 Bedrooms with Attached Garages.

The map will populate with every single listing that is on the market for sale - no matter the brokerage, agent or seller.  That is one of the great things about the search portals that we are able to build for our exclusive clientele.

A Word on our "exclusive clientele" - if you are working with a Real Estate Agent - Please, leave here and go to them.  They should have resources such as these... (enough said :-)

The property listings will be listed from newest on the market for sale to the older ones.  This Santa Clarita Real Estate Search Page is dynamic in nature and will refresh several times per hour if there is any new data, changes, or modifications with the information - the updates will reflect and render on this very page.

We are with RE/MAX - When choosing a Real Estate agent to work with - just make sure they have a strong Company Standing Behind them and ultimately you...

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