How can I get more business?  When you enter into the "self employed" field of owning your own business you will find yourself working harder than you have ever worked before.

This will be the case absent any paradigm shift and delving yourself into some of the most powerful literary works that "teach about owning your own business".  Reading books about working "Smarter not harder" help immensely.

One of the most successful ways is to network.  Being around others that operate their own businesses keep you in the know about what they are doing to work smarter not harder.A great local Santa Clarita Valley Networking and Marketing Group is the SCV concierge.The organizers of this privately owned Local

SCV Concierge - Local Marketing and Networking

SCV Concierge

Santa Clarita Business have it right.  When you are around others and develop the relationships that foster friendship and trust - Referrals Happen.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Stu Blair on theSanta Clarita Radio Show- Sponsored by Blog Talk Radio.  Stu and I talked about the Networking and Marketing group known as SCV concierge, which I am a proud member.  You will see by the interview and questions asked why this is a necessary part of any local Santa Clarita Business.  Furthermore, you will see how you can work "Smarter not Harder".

Enjoy the show - If you want to be on the Radio Show -Please let us knowand we will be glad to set it up for you to talk about your "Local Santa Clarita Business".