Santa Clarita property managementOne of the first things that people that have "school aged" children are concerned with are the Public Schools.  Private Santa Clarita Schools enter into the mix as well - depending on the area they are "relocating" to.  However, some cities have public schools that are better than some private.  The Questions need to be asked by the parents and the School Research has to be their own.

It is like one of our clients wanting to know if a particular city will allow them to add on to their home.  We always want them to call themselves to verify whether they can or cannot.  The reason for this is because we have a vested interest in their real estate dealing (it's called a commission).  We would not purposely give bad or misleading information - but what if we happen to get that particular City Employee that answers the phone and tells us that there will be no problem with adding on to the home - when they might be a new employee, trying to go to lunch, attempting to leave for the day, or simply have it wrong.

With regard to Schools being "front of mind" when it comes to Relocating to Valencia - the same holds true.  Do your own research, if you are looking at our School Boundary maps - call to endure those boundaries have not changed.  It is horrible when you move into an area and your kids cannot go to the school that you intended.  In fact, you will also want to call the school and make sure they have space available for your child or children :-)

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