Welcome Purveyors of Real Estate

Welcome to your latest in the Real Estate updating by the Paris911 Team - for the Greater Los Angeles areas and where we are Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley.

I noticed something while driving this AM - the school where our 11 year old goes - was vacant.  No one on the playground and no cars Protecting Buyers and Sellers of homesin the parking lot.

I also noticed, while heading to a listing presentation in Valencia CA, a bunch of kids in the middle of one of the streets I was driving down this AM.

They were out of school - so if you are someone that drives - be careful and get into the summer Groove...

New Inventory for Santa Clarita real estate

There are at least 10 new listings that hit the market in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities during the past 24 hours.  You can see those new listings by heading over to the Top Santa Clarita Real Estate Website and by typing in the word "new" into the MaCBox at the top right of the home page.

You will see the newest additions to the local Santa Clarita real estate inventory populate the page first - followed by older ones that have a maximum amount of time of 48 hours on the market.

click Here:  View the Newest Santa Clarita listings

More YouTube Videos explaining the process

Real estate can be complicated - that is why we build so many "explanatory" systems for our Buyers and Sellers.

I love the fact I can "direct our clients" to an on-line resource that I have recorded on YouTube.

One such resource is how to find the BEST Santa Clarita Mortgage Broker there is.

We have posted up a YouTube Video on the preceding page that gives that information.

We have also completed a Video that covers the BEST Home Inspectors in the Santa Clarita Valley and how to find them.

Exposure for our Sellers Listings

Here is the bottom line.  If Buyers are searching for real estate on-line and answers to their questions, thereby finding our Real estate websites, then our sellers are Blessed.

They can be promised more exposure for the listing they are trusting the Paris911 Team to sell for them.

This includes more "exposure" for their listing - but more "pitching" of their home for sale directly to "Approved and Qualified" real estate buyers.

No Tire Kickers here - just the BEST real estate buyers a real estate team could be Blessed With.

Be safe - Search well and we will talk with you tomorrow on our Santa Clarita real estate Daily Show!!!