Real estate in Santa Clarita is changing - starting with "the showing"

Showing Virtual Facetime Santa Clarita real estate EDGE clientsReal estate is always changing in the Santa Clarita Valley and with the quarantine, I would venture to say that real estate will never be exactly the same.

The showings of homes are still happening, but they are not as simple as they used to be.

Before March of 2020, the how of real estate showings were discussed between the real estate sellers and their agents.

My discussions involved safety for the seller's assets and verification methods related to who would be showing the home and how that interaction and scheduling would work.

Today that discussion is had with my home sellers, but the conversation is more about what documentation is necessary for the seller to sign to allow the home to be shown and what the buyer's viewing the home need to sign for the seller's protection.

One of the ways that we make the showings of homes easier is to have the agent's do it while on facetime with their home buyers.

The only way this works is to have all the buyers concerned present during the facetime or video phone call when their agent is "virtually" showing them the home.

We set up these virtual showings for our home buyers regarding Santa Clarita real estate.

How the virtual showings of Santa Clarita homes method works

If you are working with me and utilizing my Santa Clarita home buyer EDGE program, then you are getting listings that I am sending you that fit your criteria.

The listings are all vetted either before they are sent to you, or just after you send them to me.

I call to ensure they are still available for my virtual showing. I then do some research to make sure all of the insider information I can gather is discovered so I can relay it to my homebuyer's EDGE program participants.

I require all the lights to be on and interior doors to be open so I don't have to touch any of the surfaces. 

I'm them able to walk through gloved up and masked up with my clients safely "socially distance" FaceTiming with me.

Key points to a Virtual Santa Clarita home walkthrough

Key points for a virtual showing in Santa Clarita real estate by the expertsFirst, the walkthrough is not recorded by any party.

I'm very candid when I talk about real estate to my clients. If I see something that is an issue, I say it without sugar-coating it.

When conducting virtual walk through one of the skipping points is the internet connection. While there are a lot of areas in the Santa Clarita Valley which are 5g - some are not and some homes have better "insulating" factors than others.

In most cases, the homes that I'm showing, even most vacant homes, have WIFI units in place. These are for security controlling and connection purposes and other reasons.

Typically, most of the home sellers have been made aware that the agent who is going to conduct a Virtual Walkthrough will need guest access, so their connection to their clients during the FaceTime showing does not buffer.

I talk to my clients, my Santa Clarita EDGE program home sellers, and inform them if they don't know how to create a Guest Account on their router for their WIFI system, I may be able to help. If its a system that I'm not familiar with, they should contact their internet provider.

It is simple and maybe the difference between getting their home sold and not.

Ceilings, under cabinets, closet depth, HVAC closets, pool equipment, AC compressors, Hot Water heater connection and location, washer/dryer location and connection points, smells, damp, covering scents, flooring scars, paint scuffs and carpet ripples - these are typically items that are not covered on a virtual tour or on photos.

So hence my walkthrough of the home. When I'm showing real estate in person, the same items are hit, discussed, and shown to my Home Buyer EDGE program members - Register Here!

Those that are on facetime with me are able to ask questions and I can give them more detail about what I'm commenting about.

Virtual Walkthroughs at the New Santa Clarita model homes

New Santa Clarita model homes showing by the experts EDGE ProgramAt least twice a week I'm doing New Home Builder walkthroughs with my clients. This includes the surveying of the lots and locations of the available and future phases.

View the new home inventory!

My HomeBuyer Edge program also applies to New Home Construction. My new home buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley and wanting new homes elsewhere in California are allowed full access to my New Home Buyer Edge program.

Walking through at new homes is really something that gives my new home clients a better understanding of what they are buying. What it has and what they can expect to have to upgrade or add to make the new home they are buying match the models.

Some new home builders don't include much of anything when a home buyer is buying a new home. They have a list, but sometimes that list is not easy to locate or understand.

That is where I come in. If you are going to be buying a blank white box with laminate flooring and HUD carpet, I will let you know.

If the new home comes equipped at no extra cost with granite, quartz, tile flooring, built-ins, and the home buyers' choice of paint - then I let my facetime clients know that also.

What used to look strange is now the new normal when it comes to buying Santa Clarita real estate.

Before I get into the model homes, I survey the map with my clients. I get to the bottom of what phases are slotted to be built and what phases are already sold. I also discuss the total number of phases and the builder's pricing strategy to date.

There are times in which the home builder has their price increase meeting. The price increases depending on the shareholder's needs in conjunction with the home sales rate.

Once a new home builder has a client under contract, they can "relax their roll" a bit. The date of closing, sale date, date when the construction is to be completed is not promised. It's not a fact. In some cases, I have had to set up for my new home clients with the new home builders corporate level to get things done.

So hence the importance of having a seasoned New Home Realtor by your side.

As stated previously, my HomeBuyer EDGE program also can be utilized by you when it comes to a New Santa Clarita home purchase.

Your next step to start your virtual viewing of real estate

First, if you have not entered your information to gain access to our HomeBuyers EDGE program by the Santa Clarita home experts, do so.

This way you will be able to obtain maximum discounts and service credits in the form of an actual verifiable rebate directly from my commission to be earned.

This is important to state, please allow me to say it again. I'd rather give my clients the money I would have spent on the lead generation websites. Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, corporate relocation companies, and the lot want the money back when they send leads to Realtors. 

There are other online companies that tout to have the list of the Top Realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley. They have some type of exclusivity to the BEST Santa Clarita real estate agents who are the highest-ranked to refer you to.

Those agents pay those websites to be pitched. I don't pay. I pay for my website fee. I write my own content and I represent my own real estate buyers and sellers.

Santa Clarita rebates buying homes and selling estates by the ExpertsI am Connor MacIvor and I'd rather give you the money I would have spent on those websites and systems, including PPC - pay per click and Facebook ads, when utilizing my real estate representation services.

Make sure you register for our Home Buyers Edge rebate program for Santa Clarita real estate. 

Second, you need to pre-qualify for a home loan if you lack the suitcase full of money, or a very rich relative.

If you have a rich relative, I'll help them too :)

Seriously, qualification for a home loan is a very important step and needs to happen before almost else, other than my homebuyer EDGE presentation to you and yours as my homebuyer clients.

The reason you will want to wait until after my HomeBuyers Edge presentation is that I cover what you need to know to get your best deal on a home loan.

There are certain questions that you can ask a lender to find out if they are on your side or not. There are other questions that will put the lender on notice as it relates to you knowing what you are talking about.

I'm not talking about putting on gloves and getting the lender in the ring. The lenders that I have as part of my Home Buyer Edge program have all been vetted to be the best as far as service and the most conservative as far as costs/interest rates.

However, that being the case, I trust very few people and I still give you the intel so you can keep safe when approaching a lender that I recommend or a lender you were referred to.

After your pre-qualification, if you are ready, we will need to get your criteria and then start the home search process.

On my Santa Clarita home experts' website, I have had the multiple listing service installed for a home search.

What this means is that I have every single home listing that is for sale no matter the brokerage, the real estate company nor the agent. There are all listed and organized how you want to view them.

If you want the newest listings that have been added to show up first, in accordance with your other parameters - bedrooms, bathrooms, cities, and price ranges - you can have that.

If you are more interested in the most expensive showing up first, by your parameters, you have that option.

Maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum and want the least expensive homes showing up first, you can do that.

If you are interested in new homes at the new home builder sites and wanting to view their model homes, that is a typical option. The thing that is a bit different with new homes and new housing is the fact I need to make a call to the new home builder's representative before you go personally or show up in any way to view anything.

Remember, I'm showing new home and model homes at the new Santa Clarita home builders sites via FaceTime.

However, if you are out for a Sunday Drive during the quarantine, and you happen to go inside and you sign anything, you just gave up your ability to participate in our Home Buyer Edge program for new home buyers.

Call me first and I'll make sure you are well protected and allowed to participate in our New Home Buyers EDGE Program.

When ready I'll be here no matter the season

I'm Connor MacIvor and I will be here for you when you are ready for my assistance.

Until then, it would not hurt to register for my HomeBuyer EDGE Program - once you do then at least you are guaranteed my service in accordance with my offer back to my home buyer clients.