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Let me break down the Saugus CA real estate numbers so you can see what is currently happening in real estate. I will cover in my below dissertation the activity and new home centers so you have an idea of what is happening in that venue. I will also choose this time to remind you that we represent our clients with the purchase of new homes at no cost to our clients, but with giving them many benefits, including discounts and or credits!

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During my weekly Saugus CA real estate update I will give tips to help both home sellers who are contemplating selling and also the Saugus CA real estate buyers to help them on their home buying quest.

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Coming soon real estate listings in Saugus:  4 properties - Susan Beth Way, Los Tigres Drive, Newbird Drive, and Candela Drive.

Numbers of Saugus homes on the market for sale:

Saugus real estate inventory Total: 56 total listings for sale in Saugus CA

Saugus Single-Family homes for sale: 49 of the 56 homes for sale in Saugus are Single Family residences.

Condos for sale in Saugus CA: 4 of the 56 homes for sale in Saugus are Condominiums.

Townhomes Currently for Sale in Saugus: 3 of the 56 homes for sale in Saugus CA currently are Town-homes.

The number of Saugus homes in escrow: 145 real estate listings are currently in escrow in Saugus CA. that is split between homes that are showing as "active" under contract and those which are not showing on the real estate syndication websites - as they are in the Pending status.

Make sure that your agent is keeping track of the Saugus homes that are currently in escrow, just in case one falters and falls out of escrow that fits your needs. I do this for my Saugus CA home buyers.

Saugus real estate listing in escrow Total: 145.

Single-Family Homes in Escrow in Saugus: 113 of the 145 homes in escrow in Saugus are Single Family in their configuration.

Saugus Condos currently in escrow: 17 of the homes that are currently in escrow in Saugus are Condominiums.

Townhomes in Saugus in escrow: 15 of the listings in Saugus that are in escrow are townhomes.

The number of Saugus residences sold this last week (7 Days):

Total Sold in Saugus CA: During the past week in Saugus CA real estate, there were 21 homes that closed escrow. This is also known as homes that have sold. Congrats to those new homeowners that bought homes in Saugus CA this week! Avenida Terraza, Paseo Terraza, Bobwhite Circle, Banyan Place, Opal Lane, Laroda Lane, Plum Canyon road, Avenida De Sonrisa, Garza Drive, Centurion Way, Barbacoa Drive, Woodside Drive, Mariam Place, Derby Place, Banyan Place, Sycamore Drive, Stoverflat Ct, Discovery Ridge Drive, Opal Lane, Dorothy Street, Dragonfly, Millhouse Drive, and Skipping Stone Drive.

Single-Family homes sold in Saugus last week: 14 homes in Saugus that successfully closed were Single-family homes.

Saugus Condos Sold the last week:

Townhomes that sold in Saugus in the past 7 days:

Saugus real estate news by Connor MacIvor in California

BOM - Back on Market properties - those which fell out of escrow in Saugus CA. 13 residential real estate listings BOM'd or had their status changed to Back on Market. That is not great when we only had a total of 21 listings sell.

In this market the typical reason why the homes BOM, or have their escrows canceled and those homes re-enter the for-sale market in Saugus has to do with a competitor home for sale entering the housing market.

The buyer for the home that had its escrow canceled saw a new listing they liked better.

They went for it and canceled the escrow that they were currently within.

This is not good for the home sellers. If you are a home seller that had the buyers move on your new listing and cancel the one they had currently under process, what are the changes another "shiny thing" is going to come their way and they may cancel on you? Think about it.

What type of housing market exists in Saugus this week? Saugus is facing the same situation the rest of the SCV cities are facing, limited inventory in homes, condos, and townhomes that are for sale.

Of the homes that are for sale, there is a high competition between buyers as if it's chum being added to the water.

Buyer Drive in Saugus CA: The current buyer drive in Saugus is a good indication of market health and the confidence that home buyers have as it pertains to Saugus real estate. Currently, the home buyer drive is outrunning the pace at which Saugus Ca homes can enter the for-sale market.

Saugus real estate Buyer issues and problems: The biggest issues that I currently see in Saugus real estate that could be addressed is the lack of preparation for the home buyers that see the home they want, but have to wait to get all of their paperwork together to make a solid offer.

This type of Saugus CA market is really strong for the home sellers. With multiple offers, the home buyer needs to have everything ready so they can make the offer as soon as they see the home they are interested in.

Home Buyer Concerns and warnings: Watch out for agents who are not local to the Saugus - Santa Clarita cities. They may know the real estate in the city they come from, but to keep their fingers on the pulse of the Santa Clarita market, they may be doing their clients a disservice.

Buyer Financing types for Saugus real estate: FHA had three buyer types to use that financing in Saugus during the past week.

The Veterans Loan in Saugus CA was able to help 1 buyer using a VA loan.

No cash buyers were buying real estate in the past week in Saugus CA.

15 conventional loans using home buyers is the winner this week for the types of financing used to buy Saugus real estate.

In order to get financed to buy a Saugus Ca home, to not give up any advantage, you will want to speak with a local, reputable, and well known real estate lender. Call me and I'll make the proper intros.

Buyer typical escrow Length this week for Saugus real estate: Currently, the lenders are very motivated to help home buyers in Saugus CA close fast. To have a lender that is able to get a VA or FHA buyer financed and get the loan completed in 30 days or less is not unusual.

While 2020 seemed to be the refinance market, that has slowed down. Hence, lenders outperforming their past promised and showing off when it comes to originating the harder and more complicated financing types.

This has been your weekly Saugus CA real estate update. I'm Connor MacIvor and I'll be here for you when you are ready to buy or sell real estate in Saugus CA.

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Saugus California real estate news and home update (00:00):

Good day to everybody. I am Connor MacIvor, Santa Clarita, home experts. I have some interesting information. I am doing a report on the sagas, California real estate market. Of course, Saugus is one of the cities in Santa Clarita Valley. I have two interesting things to show you. This update is for the 9th of July 2020. I'm going to post this up on YouTube. And then in below here, below the video, you're going to see the actual link to the article and the blogs. You would see the data, but I did publish, but there are a couple things I want to do. First. First, I'm going to show you how to get there. So if you go to Santa Clarita, real estate experts, we're going to be here at the very top center, created home and you can click on our blog and there you're going to see the sagas real estate article.

Saugus California real estate news and home update (00:48):

It should be the first thing, at least within the next day or two. Tell I publish other exciting information about the Santa Clarita real estate market, as soon as the page loads, and then we'll scroll down and we'll see the information that I was talking about. So there are two factors in Saugus, real estate that I find very interesting in, and among the different Santa Clarita Valley cities. And of course, every day I have a different real estate update. So I'm going to be taking, I take the six Santa Clarita Valley city. So Valencia Stevenson, ranch, sagas, new hall cast, stack, and Canyon country. And I do each one of those per day. And then of course on Mondays, I do the overall center creative alley. So let's scroll down here to the sagas real estate update. And I will give you the Intel that I was talking about.

Saugus California real estate news and home update (01:34):

Two factors that I thought were interesting. So right now, Saugus, as far as all of the Santa Clarita Valley cities, very low real estate inventory. If you look here, you can see, I did split up and I have 45, my favorite caliber also, but 45 data points. I look at with regard to each individual city in the Santa Cruz Valley, man, I also take those 45 data points and I apply those over the entire Senate, greater Valley to give you that Intel on Mondays when I do that report, that does help both home buyers and home sellers make better decisions with regard to real estate. And it shows exactly what's going on in the market at any given time. So that's why I do this update. Plus we do a majority of our business here in Santa Clarita Valley and also helps. So back on market properties, that's one of the things I wanted to talk about 13 of the 21 homes.

Saugus California real estate news and home update (02:26):

So 21 homes sold here in the last seven days in sagas, California, 13 additional real estate listings actually were in escrow but fell out of escrow. So the reason people ask why is that happening? Whenever we see a market that has very low inventory, and that's what I'll talk about. Part two very low inventory. Then typically we see buyers being a little bit more choosy when they go out and they actually take the one listing that they like, but it's not really their best choice, but when something else comes on, that seems to be a little bit better. They'll jump to that one immediately. The problem with that is it could create a legal issue depending on where the buyer is in the contract. And again, you definitely need to seek an attorney's advice if you're about to cancel being an escrow with a seller, but where this could also impact them is within contracts.

Saugus California real estate news and home update (03:19):

So make sure you read all that very carefully. And if you are about to jump ship and do another listing that just hit the market for sale, you're going to want to really explore that option before you commit, when you're buying a piece of real estate or a sagas home or any Santa Clarita home for that matter or

anywhere, you definitely need to make sure you're well covered before you start changing your plans, especially after you already give your signature on the line that States you do want to buy the house. Of course, there are reasons of back out of escrow, but again, a majority of these 13 that did fall out of escrow and went back on the market for sale where that exact case those buyers are now in escrow with other properties. So those are the two things I wanted to talk about with this real quick video component for the sagas California real estate update, check out our blog, Santa Clarita, home forward slash blog. I've countered MacGyver. Today's July 9th, 2020. And we'll talk to you very soon. Thanks for watching it.