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Good day to everybody. Connor MacIvor rematch, Santa Clarita, headquartered of course, in Santa Clarita Valley. This is your sagas real estate update. The day's going to be the 23rd of July Thursday. It's 9:19 AM. As I'm recording the show. Now this last week, we actually did a Chagas update last week to kind of give you a little bit, to compare it to. And in fact, we do see that the coming soon listing field is being used more and more by agent agents. Just to let you know, this is the longest-running real estate radio show and podcast for Santa Clarita Valley, specifically Santa Clara Valley cities. I'm Connor MacGyver. I've been selling real estate since 1998, representing both buyers and sellers since that time. And I'm with Remax gateway, Remax of Santa Clarita, Remax of Valencia, all the same company, just different DBA days. So there you go. So when you're looking online, you find Connor MacGyver.

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Well then you found me, so let's get into this real estate trend that we're currently seeing right now in Saugus, as in the other Santa Clarita Valley cities, we are seeing a seller's market. So that's where the market is currently. That means that the sellers have some advantage over the buyers out there. The reason why it's a seller's market primarily is the lack of inventory for sale. Now in sagas, of course, if you've driven up plum caddy and you've seen the hillside up there to the North Northeast kind of side of plum Canyon, where plum caddy wraps into White's Canyon, you see all that hillside being developed up there behind the fire station, and also that new mini-mall that they put up there though, a little strip mall with a Starbucks, and there's going to be a grocery store. There's also a piece of land plotted up there for an elementary school when that's going to happen.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (01:46):

I don't know, but up there you do have a lot of new construction. You have several different builders up there that are on-premises, and you do have some new housing that happens to be for sale. Now, I will tell you that going up there and looking you're going to be facing Mello Roos. For the most part, some of the builders are sold out. Other ones have more phases to be able to add to their inventory. But again, it's not a huge amount of real estate inventory. That's going to be built up there. At least in the foreseeable future. There are going to be several more phases released by one of the bigger builders up there. And with all of that, that's going to increase the numbers of properties for sale in sagas. But again, they're not going to really be building standing residential real estate.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (02:31):

They're going to have it where you go out there with me, hopefully, because I'll be there to represent you at no cost to you. And with all the other benefits of my powers of negotiation. Well, there's actually a lot there, but when we go onto the property together, what you'll see is the way that I speak with the new home rep, trying to get discounts, incentives, and also looking for those properties that were already agreed to be purchased yet are falling out of escrow. When that happens, the builder sometimes actually retains the originally agreed-upon price. Thereby you buying that property at a substantial, substantial discount over other properties that are going to be coming or other phrases that are going to be released. Good to know. But again, that new housing inventory isn't going to bite into the resale inventory that much. And we are still in a seller's market with not, not very much inventory on the market for sale.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (03:24):

When there's a house in Saugus, California, that's priced correctly. And it is somewhere between 400,000 and $650,000. Typically that house in Saugus goes out with multiple offers, multiple bids, multiple buyers. The seller is going to respond to each one of those offers depending on their agent and what their agents saying for them to do. But for the most part, it's most beneficial for a seller to try to respond to everybody that did write an offer on that piece of real estate because you never know how people might change. They might increase the price. They might change their financing. They might come in in a windfall, maybe through the family, maybe somebody, you know, some aunt stepped forward and said, Oh honey, I love you. I'll lend you $300,000. I'll give you $300,000 or whatever it is. So all that stuff can change, but without giving them a chance, you'll never really know what they were capable of doing.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (04:19):

Maybe sometimes sellers just want to select one of the offers to save themselves a headache. Maybe the agent is convincing them just to select an offer, to save themselves selves P agents, a headache, but at the end of the day, countering everywhere, he really is profitable in more ways than one. So that's something to consider. Alright, so we're going to talk about sagas inventory currently, and that coming soon realm, as compared to last week, last week in Saugus, California, there were two properties that were of the coming soon variety. Now, as of today, there are seven coming soon. And I wrote a blog post on this. In fact, I'll try to link this into the articles, but if you punch in Santa, create home experts coming soon, do a Google search. You'll see the article with regard to coming soon listings. This is something new that's been added as of the beginning of May of 2020.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (05:07):

So it's very fresh. It's a listing category like active is like active under contract. Like the backup offers used to be like pending properties are sold. Properties are, this is just another category, but it allows agents to take a real estate listing that they have a contract on an, enter it into the multilayer, multiple listing service as coming soon. That's also known as a pocket listing, used to be back in the day. So the agents can use this category to take this listing and put it onto the market prior to it being viewed by most people. But in this regard, you will see it, but you're not going to see it on zoom, lower or Redfin, or yeah, not on our website, Santa Clarita, all my because the coming soon field, at least as of now, the 23rd day of July 2020 Thursday, that coming suit field is reserved for MLS members.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (06:03):

Only multiple listing service members. Only I E me. And what we would do is if I do have you on a search, I know your criteria. I know what you're looking for. I know what cities you're looking for, what neighborhoods potentially you like, or I offer up because of my knowledge and experience, what areas are going to fit your needs by what you've told me, then potentially I can set up or I will set up a search, not potentially, but really I'll set up a search and it's going to include those coming soon listings. So if you're looking for a three-bedroom, two and a half bath, um, on the West side of Saco Canyon, for example, in Valencia there, when one does come on the market and if the agent is using the coming soon field, you're going to see that first. You're going to see that listing immediately.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (06:50):

So then what happens next is now you prepare to view the listing with us as your agents. So we'll get that showing set up. In some cases, the listing may be able to be seen prior to it going active, but at least

this way you're going to be first in when it does go active when that happens to happen. So that's the coming soon listing field. And currently, there are seven sagas properties in that field. So let's give you the street names. You have one on Robyn and the bulkhead villages. That's 834 square feet that were priced at three 14. You have one on Haskell Canyon road number G at three 20. That's also at two plus two as well. The other one on Robin's a two plus one 939 square feet. You have one coming on dos place at three 39. You have one calling on Marbury court at five 99, admins, six 49 Griffith six 25, excuse me, nine 25.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (07:45):

When driver court nine 79. That's a big house, 4,500 square feet. So you can see we've run the gamut. We have three condos for single-family residences, all in the coming soon category for Chagas real estate, all in all, active 58 total listings in Saugus, California, active and for sale currently on the market. Santa Clarita home experts is a good source for that. It's a local site. It's my site. I don't ask you to register. I just ask at some point when you're ready, save your search. So you're seeing these listings. Once you save it, then I'll reach out to personally and I'll say, Hey, what exactly are you looking for? And then I'll be able to build you that coming soon search. So you'll see listings that fit your criteria even before they enter the market for sale. Because I am a member of the multiple listing service in good standing, full-fledged, the whole nine yards.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (08:38):

So that's going to be those properties active at 56, verify 58, I'm sorry, active under contract. We have 57. Those are properties that are in escrow. We also have 92 properties that are pending status in sagas, California, also in escrow. So that's quite a bit. We do. So that's about 150 listings currently that are in the escrow process in comparison to the mere 58. We have that are active. Once we run out of that inventory, if no new houses or new resale houses were put on the market for sale, we would actually be out of inventory within a month, a month and a half in Saugus, California that is running on par with the rest of the Santa Clarita Valley cities indicating again, that we're still in a seller's market. If homebuyers for sagas, California warrant active warrant out there looking for residential real estate.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (09:35):

And if the days on market timeframes, world law, meaning it's taking longer to sell properties, not within hours or a few days, but a long time months, multiple months. So on, then it wouldn't be the seller's market that we see, but buyers are very active. And the reason why buyers are completely active, very active, and sagas happens to be because we do have incredibly low-interest rates all across the board for residential low and mortgages. It's a big refinance market as well in Saugus. There are a lot of you property owners that are looking to refinance again, to get under the 3.0 percentage rate. It does seem like that is happening for a lot of people. Just a couple suggestions on that front before I continue with our sagas real estate housing broadcast for this week, I would tell you to look for a couple of different sources, go to the bank that currently has your mortgage.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (10:26):

See what they can do, have what they can do, what they tell you they could do with regard to changing your interest rate and fees. Have them put that in writing. And then also go to a local source. We like Augusta financial out here might be in it, give them a call and they will take great care of you and see if they can beat what your bank is telling you. They will do and find out who's going to be your best deal on fees. And also interest rate, give a local a chance to see what they're able to do to eventually that

loan, they might loan on it themselves, or they might sell it off. But at the end of the day, they have a couple of hundred different sources for money being with Augusta financial and that brokerage, they have a couple of hundred different sources of money that are going to compete for your business, for their business and ultimately for your business.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (11:12):

So they might actually give, be able to give you a better deal than your current mortgage holder. Good to know. Alright, so then we're going to punch in the last seven days of sold properties. So we're going to do that real quick. We have in the last seven days in Saugus, California, 19 listings, I've actually closed sold escrow in the last seven days. We have zero properties that expired not selling within contractual timeframes, which is good for those sellers out there. A lot of times, none have been canceled as well. And the last seven days, that's also good information. Here's a category that I always bring up every time I do a real estate radio show, which is well every day, uh, this one happens to be for sagas this day tomorrow, by the way, it's going to be our new hall real estate updates.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (11:59):

So make sure if you're interested in Newhall, real estate, you're an owner there. Make sure you tune in for that. But as far as what I like to talk about gets into the whole category. These are properties that are being held from a rendering, is active on the market for sale. What could be happening while there could maybe be a disagreement that's arisen between the agents on those properties? It could be that potentially there are, there is a lot of activity and the agent is overwhelmed with offers. It could be. And whether that's legit or copacetic with the board of realtors or not, that's a whole other question because there are rules to use this category. An agent just can't go out and use it just for the fun of it. Excuse me. I'm parked

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (12:46):

Black coffee, nothing like it might just be a dad. Dear old dad. Alright. So moving on to, uh, the other option out there. If somebody has a house that they're wanting to sell, but maybe a family member got sick, maybe it's a COVID related issue. Lots of different reasons. They could actually tell the agent, you know what? I don't want any showings for a while. And the agent would potentially put that property on hold. There are 13 of these properties. If you're looking in a very restricted inventory area like sagas, California, or anyone of the other Santa creative Valley cities, you owe it to yourself. Not only to have your agent or us, if you don't have an agent set you up with a coming soon listings your to yourself to make sure your realtor is also searching the hold listings and the do not show listings.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (13:32):

It could be that this just happened the property. In fact, maybe even before it happened, maybe the agent isn't familiar with coming soon, isn't used to that category. So they're not using it at the moment. They were about to make the property active. They get a phone call from the seller and the seller tells him, Hey, listen, Jack, we're going to have to hold off on the summing and on the showings of the property, because my mother in law who lives in the downstairs bedroom actually came down with a sore throat and a fever and were concerned that it could be a COVID-19 Coronavirus type deal. So what are that 14 days? So they didn't give it some time and see what happens and maybe take mother-in-law to the doctor and have her checked out to see if, in fact, it is COVID or the coronavirus.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (14:14):

If it happens to be that coffee just makes you if it happens to be that, then that property is probably going to be on hold for a while, until it all gets cleared out. Because there are documents that the seller has to sign talking about any potential exposure to the rotavirus to make sure people viewing the house are kept safe. So there is a fail-safe mechanism in there. Let's look at withdrawn real quick. These are properties that actually were pulled off the market, and that's going to reflect as nine total one property within the last seven days was actually canceled and removed from the market or withdrawn from the market as being active and for sale. This is another category that isn't bad to look at to kind of give an idea. There's a property on plum Canyon. One on to have a Luzon art in place, Magnolia way, these ringing a bell with anybody Leighton asked her way, Linda Lane, Ellery place.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (15:11):

These have all been withdrawn. It could potentially be that if these aren't under contract, these are also options for you as real estate buyers because your agent very simply could do their due diligence and give the listing agents a call and say, what's going on with Everly place? I have a client that's really interested. I just met them or I would have shown it to them before, while it was active. What's going on with it. The agent might inform me that, Hey, you know, I lost the listing. They don't want to sell it right now. And then I would definitely go bang on that door, uh, without trying to be too up to use, at least ask them, Hey, I do have a buyer, a real buyer. This is their preapproval letter. This is their love letter. Uh, these are real people. It's not me trying just to solicit a listing.

Saugus CA real estate market update and home news (15:55):

That's been withdrawn from the market, which does happen a lot. Is that a good place for air quotes? Probably. So it does happen a lot. Watch out for that. I am Connor MacGyver. That's your sagas real estate update. I'm here for you when you're ready. I do have a lot of information to give and I am a good listener. Be safe. Connor MacGyver. Thank you so much for watching. And we will talk very soon. Reach out to me when you're ready. If you want to see the current inventory without having to give up who you are and all that other fancy stuff, go to Santa Clarita, home forward slash Saugus, Santa Clarita, home forward slash Saugus. And you'll see all the active inventory here in Saugus, California, iconic. I ever check out our Santa Clarita blog, just Google that you'll see the Santa Clara home experts, website blog, and feel free to enjoy all of the articles and updates that I put together. Tomorrow's new hall folks. We're going to talk about the Newhall, California, which was the original city out here in the Santa Clarita Valley way back in the day, named after a surveyor, I think that's the correct history that was surveying this land for the state of California. Be safe Cotter MacGyver over now.