Santa Clarita photography by the professional virtual tour companiesThe real estate world and the showings of homes and estates have changed.

The "two-dimensional" photographs have also become a thing of the past. You are going to be seeing the 3d virtual tours more often on the Santa Clarita home experts' website when you are conducting a Santa Clarita real estate search.

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In addition, while the two-dimensional photos were able to be retouched and manipulated to show a property appearing better than it would in real life, it's hard to do with the virtual 3d photography and the higher online resolutions.

In the multiple listing service, when I upload the photographs that were taken into the MLS engine, I keep to a minimum photo size of 1024X768 pixels.

That way they are at least sharp enough for online viewing and also on mobile devices.

There are several companies in the Virtual Tour space in the Santa Clarita Valley. Some of those companies are better than others.

The differences are going to be with their acceptance and purchasing of technology. However, technology can only make up for so much - having a photographer's eye is the most important trait of a skilled Santa Clarita Virtual Tour producer.

Preparation for the Santa Clarita Virtual Tour photoshoot

How does the property look? What if you were to be in the market for a home to buy? What things would you be looking for when viewing homes online?

These are the top 5 preparations that need to take place before I order the BEST virtual tour company to shoot your home.

  • Curb Appeal
  • Decluttering
  • Depersonalization
  • Originally Purposed Spaces
  • Q-Tip Clean

Preparing for the Santa Clarita photos - Curb Appeal 

Curb Appeal Santa Clarita home photographyIf I am hired to sell a condo, townhome, single-family home, or luxury estate we start with you and I standing shoulder to shoulder to view how appealing the street view of the home is.

There is a lot that can be done with edging, flowers being added, flowerbeds being de-weeded, and more.

Also, rubber borders to set the grass space apart from a planter can go a long way.

Painting a front door, window sills, and cleaning the window glass and gutters is also a big plus for making the photographs POP when the professional shoots the home.

These are very small changes that can give a much more grand presentation online when it comes to viewing the Santa Clarita virtual tour.

During the listing time frame, keep the changes fresh. Keep the yard or dryscape in pristine condition and don't forget to prepare your home for showing as if you were going to have someone date your home.

Curb appeal when photographing a Santa Clarita home also applies to everything on the outside of the home, even the spaces that are not facing the curbs surrounding the home. 

The back yard, the landscaping, the foliage the exterior of the home itself. All of these spaces need to be in their best and most up-kept conditions to make the photography stand out. 

The photographs that I'm going to direct my professional Santa Clarita photographer to take are going to be the "long-lived" shots. The "forever green photos". Photographs that would do service on a coffee table book titled "Santa Clarita real estate times".

Something else about curb appeal that is not mentioned by agents is the fact that homeowners have lighting outside, in some cases. Landscape lighting, pool lighting, home exterior lighting, and light strings that make quite an appearance at night.

Those are not typically photographed in a day shoot - for reasons that you know.

However, most times photographs of those spaces at dusk or during the night are going to be very beneficial for a Santa Clarita home seller. This allows for the virtual tour or virtual open house that is online to give the buyer all angles and presentations during all conditions. Daylight and night time photographs are sometimes very necessary to be combined into a photoshoot portfolio for advertising and marketing purposes.

Decluttering in preparation - Santa Clarita Virtual tour photoshoot

declutter for Santa Clarita professional photography virtual tourIf you want to get your home sold and if yours could be shot in the next episode of Hoarding - we need to talk.

Now, I have not been inside of very many homes that had that much stuff in them reflecting on that TV series.

However, I have been in a few. Most times it was a home that is now in the possession of the survivors of someone who is now deceased or has been placed in some type of adult care facility.

Over the years, one thing led to another, and the home became a massive storage facility.

When I was an LAPD police officer, I had been in homes that had only walking paths. If I would have known then that type of show would have sold, you would have been seeing my name up in lights.

In the home, in the closets and in the open spaces, some times they are full. Completely full of things. Preparing your home for sale is a great time to get these spaces back to functioning again.

In fact, when the buyers are walking through your residence, they are going to be concerned about the room in spaces. How much room is it from the closet door to the back wall, for example.

The home buyers also want to know how deep cabinets go. If you have builtins or interior spaces for towels and such, to have them stuffed full does not do your home credit.

That is the reason why you need to have a professional in Santa Clarita real estate evaluate your home in order to give you the best advice on how to declutter it on all levels.

If you are asking yourself if it will be worth it? I will tell you that even if your home does not sell, which it will, but if it does not for some reason, you will be happy with the extra space the act of decluttering caused.

Garages for decluttering before the professional photos are taken is a question that gets asked often.

Most people are going to use their Garage for the overflow from the home when the house starts to be decluttered.

This is a mistake, while most times garages are rectangular boxes with concrete floors, some have more to offer.

Why would you want to take a risk when it comes to a buyer who's decision is going to be based on whether the garage is able to be viewed in its entirety or not?

I explain it in this way to my clients and in some cases, it requires paying for storage space at some off-site location. I have a local company that will be able to make it simple for you. You call, they come out and pick up what you don't want in the home and store it for you. Simple and a very effective strategy for getting the proper photos of a decluttered home with all the spaces roomy and accessible.

Santa Clarita photoshoot of a de-personalized home

Santa Clarita photographers depersonalizing a home for a photo shootStudies have been conducted where showing homes having the photo walls are more distracting in a negative way by the prospective home buyers.

While taking photographs our Santa Clarita photography professionals are able to mask such events in a home.

They can "touch up" the photos to make the wall appear as if there aren't 50 photos of three generations of family members.

However, when some of the general public view homes, they notice things such as this and it can cause distrust.

Re-touched photos to make a room show more light than it does in real life is a problem.

Making a home look larger than it is by using a lens that is angled or a fisheye type is going to be a totally dishonest move by the seller to the prospective home buyer.

I hear the comments all of the time. Do you want to know where the photographs of a Santa Clarita home really fall short?

When the agent uses photographs of a past listing from when the home sold last time.

Now, the home has totally different "dark" paint and is something that will need to be repainted by a majority of the home buyers. Going into the home not expecting it to be in that condition is going to be enough of a shock that a home buyer may not be able to get past it.

The question they are going to have is, "if the seller is misleading us by using photos that are not of the home in its present condition, what else are they attempting to mislead us about?"

We have a lot of cop clients. I was one, a lot of fire department folks also. I was never one to have an "I love LAPD" wall at my house, but a lot of my clients do. 

The same can be said about the military. Some have walls and rooms adorned with the Eagle Globe and Anchor in Red and Gold Fashion.

Unfortunately, that is hard for a photographer to hide, nor would they want to due to it being overwhelmingly misleading to the online home viewing public.

Hence, rooms like that need to be returned to as they were before they became monuments to a past or current life.

Rooms in order, no personal or family photos, and no "adorning" text messages written on the walls.

A Place to Call Home - Love lives here! - and others. All should be removed because they can only detract, not help a home be photographed in it's the best light!

Room Purposing as intended for Photography preparedness

Rooms returned to their original intent for Santa Clarita virtual tour photographyA nice way to say you need to return the rooms back to their original intended purpose.

On the title profile, it shows a particular number of bedrooms and bathrooms. When I place your home to be listed for sale onto the internet, the bedroom and bathroom count populate the page.

The appraiser will see the historical record when they appraise the home at the request of the home buyers lender when that time comes.

When we have a home photographed by a Top Santa Clarita Photographer, the rooms need to have been returned to their intended purpose.

If you have a room that was originally included in the bedroom count, but now is your home office. It's going to need to have a bed inside of it with a dresser.

That changed bedroom into an office is going to have to be returned to a bedroom for the purpose of photography and also for the walkthrough of prospective home buyers.

You have no idea how many times I have explained to a home buyer that what we are looking at is a bedroom. But because there is only a desk, they are looking for at the total title profile count for bedrooms at being one less than it says. Hence, per their rationale, they should be paying less for the seller's home.

Don't let that happen to you. If you have a den or office on the title, which has been converted to a bedroom, it needs to go back. If you have implemented a structural change that is not reflected on the title, it may also have to be changed back or at least disclosed to the home buyer that a change had taken place.

Recently I sold a home that had a garage conversion. One of the stalls had had walls erected to house a particular workspace. The home seller had the vision to offer the home for sale with the idea if the buyer wanted that space returned to a fully functional garage, the seller would get it done at the seller's expense.

That space was photographed with the changed condition and the home did not get any bites because the home buyers could not vision the home without the added walls. That "reasoning" was what I had received when I requested feedback from the agents that were showing the home.

I told the home seller that the condition should be remedied and the space in the garage should be re-photographed. He agreed and the room was removed and the garage was returned to the same condition as when the home builder built it.

Within the next 48 hours, we received multiple offers thanks to the change and some awesome Santa Clarita professional photography.

Rooms need to be as they were intended to be. You don't have to a lot to them. If you have installed expensive built-ins, like a desk and shelves - that's fine. Adding a simple frame and box spring with a comforter covering the top of it will suffice and photograph awesomely.

Q-tip cleaning before photographing a Santa Clarita home for sale

clean your home in preparation for Santa Clarita photographyThe home needs to be pine sol clean. Especially now, disinfected everywhere and cleaned between showings would be the perfect scenario.

However, before the photoshoot, to have just had the exterior spruced up with the interior squeaky clean is the best possible scenario for the photographer.

Having all of those spaces that have been returned to their original intended purpose cleaned and maintained will allow them to have exemplary photographic renderings when I market and advise your home online.

However, this is an often neglected part to complete before the scheduled Santa Clarita photo shoot.

Don't make that the case when it comes to having your Santa Clarita home photographed by a professional.

This is also a good time to see what imperfections need to be taken care of. If you have marks on the walls and other stains and discolorations, it will be a good time to have those remedied before the photographer arrives.

That way you are ensured the photographs will POP and reflect a night and day difference between your home and the others that were not prepared accordingly before the professional photographer arrived.

Q-Tip cleaning also allows the light to flow in the correct ways. When surfaces are wiped clean and there is no residual dust or grime covering items, the photographer is able to use their "added" lighting for your best advantage.

There will be no dull representations on the photographs of your home. Everything photographed will be vibrant and in it's the best condition with the lighting that is applied.

The secret to being a good photographer, with the exception of having a "good eye", is the lighting. Lighting is almost everything in the photography business.

The software that allows the 3D tours and room to room movement, besides being partially equipment capable by multiple images being taken, is something else that is proprietary in nature.

Best Santa Clarita photographic services for homes and real estate

Guaranteed Santa Clarita photography servicesPhotography services are available in the Santa Clarita Valley. I have many resources to choose from but my use list is very short. 

I only hire the best virtual tour and home photographers, as is the same case with my home stagers, there are many, but that list too is short with only a few really good ones.

When you are ready to have your home walked through for advice on how to make it the most presentable, contact Connor MacIvor.

That's me. I will come over and do my walkthrough of your home so we can get it prepared for home staging (if necessary) and then the professional photography.

People only place their homes on the market because they want to have it sell. Some sellers believe that their home is going to do fine as is. 

However, I have never found that as being the case. Today the showing of real estate is so important to have these 5 steps adhered to because Online is almost always the buyer's first impression.

And, as a Santa Clarita real estate seller, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

I will be here to advise. If you are a striving home photographer and are attempting to break into the Santa Clarita home photography business, reach out to me.

If you have a keen eye that will give a better advantage to my Santa Clarita home sellers, you may just make my "shortlist" of Santa Clarita home photography professionals.

When you are ready, reach out to me and we can talk virtual tours and virtual open houses in Santa Clarita Valley California.