Now that NetFlix is the place to go for videos, and redbox, we can all rest a bit easier.  Truth be told - I do miss the "video stores", but apparently I am in the minority.Opt out of Syndication Websites - ask your realtor

I loved the feeling of walking down the aisles and looking, picking up, touching and reading the video boxes.  There was a particular "Romance" about browsing in person.

I have NetFlix via our Roku Player. It's great - but it's a "tool" not an "experience".

There are many parallel's to real estate.  With "most of" the property listings on-line, there is not much that Agent's can hide behind any longer.  In fact most of the clients a realtor has, get the jump on the listings before that agent.

Especially if their clients are using local IDX driven Multiple Listing Service resources.  Some of the real estate interested may only be using the Syndication Websites for searching real estate listings - they will be a couple of days behind :)  If the Buyers can even access all of the listings in the first place from the Syndication Websites.  Rationale:  More and more Sellers of Real Estate are finding the value with Real Estate agents that are at the tops of the search engines.  When the Syndication websites have their sellers listings too - it waters down the "presentation".  If the Seller Opts Out of their home being shared with the Syndication Websites - most of ours do, they are getting "Laser precise" exposure from Real Qualified Real Estate Buyers.  In fact, their properties exposure is now attracting the "right type" of buyers - the qualified ones!

In the long run, this will save the Real Estate Seller money.  How? - By Reduced commissions and better protection.

Back to the "experience".  Meeting with a professional real estate in their actual Office.  Sitting down and talking about your plans, being asked questions and asking them.  Having someone that closes transactions with buyers and list's homes for sale for sellers - is invaluable.  It's impossible to get that from the internet.

I sincerely doubt that the "computer" will replace the actual "in the trenches" agents of the world.  I could be wrong, but as long as there are people like me, Realtors never have to fear.

Be Well, and do GREAT real estate inquires, find a local real estate professional and hitch your trailer to theirs...