Complete Single Family Residences reports update for the Santa Clarita Valley cities

These reports give the answer of where our current real estate market is.

What can we expect from the coming months?

Santa Clarita valley foreclosure alertsPrices are still going to increase with the lacking inventory - However, with more sellers realizing that they have equity now, when they thought they did not, they are going to start to have their homes sold mid to late summer.

Once that happens - we are not going to reduce much in price - but we will discontinue inclining at the pace we currently are.

Here is an example.  If someone were to have bought a home back in October or November 2012 - they would have been in a positive Equity position by February 2013.

Most of the current sellers contemplating selling their real estate, as stated, are unaware of themselves being in a positive equity position.

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This is what I suggest.  Get with a local Santa Clarita Realtor that is at the top of the real estate listing game.  Check on line and ask Google with qualification questions such as:

BEST Santa Clarita Realtor

Top Santa Clarita agent

Expert Santa Clarita listing agent

These "qualification" questions are great for removing the wheat from the chaff.  Then set up a few appointments.

Here is some local Real Estate agent advice when it comes to interviewing agents.

Make it a point to hide all of your pens and never put their pen in your hand.  Don't choose an agent during the time you are interviewing.

Don't sign any contracts if they tell you they will tear them up during the listing presentation.

When they tell you they are going to call the other agent that came and interviewed with you and those that you are going to interview, to tell them they were not chosen, to save you from having to do it, decline and continue to interview.

These are Hard Style Sale tactics.  You want the agents that are appearing on the top of the local Real Estate search inquiries that are on-line within the SERPS - Search Engine Results Pages.

There are only 10 spots on Page 1 - with some of those being the Big Real Estate Syndication websites - Zillow, Trulia and  The rest are some of the Big Brands - REMAX, Realty Executives - what is left are the Local Santa Clarita real estate experts.

If they are taking the time and putting in the effort to appear on Page 1 within the Organic results, where buyers are looking for homes, they are worth the commission they are charging.  Be safe - talk soon.