Without going into too much boring detail, I will say that some just don't get it when it comes to dealing with "red tape".

Are you familiar with the movie, "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?" - They had this race of aliens that were very much by the book. In fact, before going into pursuit of a spacecraft, even one that they were following, they needed to have the property paperwork funneled through the proper channels with the proper stamps of approval by management.

With some of the banks concerning some of the short sales we are in the process of handling and have handled in the past, this is is very applicable.

On the LAPD when we observed a traffic violation or a vehicle matching the description of one that just was reported to have just robbed the "shop and rob", we pulled it over.

Sometimes, even with the traffic violations only, they did not stop. It typically turned out the car that we were in pursuit of was not just wanted for a simple traffic violation. They were unreported stolen cars - the drive had just committed a horrible act or were wanted and we did not know it.

In those scenarios, we pulled over and pursued without management permission. We did it because we had been trained to do it. I we did so and "issues" came about - then we dealt with that later.

However, everything we did was for the betterment of society. We wanted to protect the people in Los Angeles - that was our mission and some were better at that than others.

Back to our Short Sale Saga: When the banks tell their clients, those who have been involved in the short sale process with agents that are experts, they have no information about them doing a short sale in the first place - stand by.

If your Santa Clarita short sale agent is doing their job - they will have detailed notes, emails, mailings, upload proof and fax reports to prove that they have been "doing their job".

However, if the agent you have hired cannot prove that they have been "working on" your short sale, that is a fault of the real estate agent you hired.

Work with Experts, be care of "family friends". Do some research on-line when looking for a Santa Clarita short sale Realtor.

They should be talking, writing and podcasting a lot about the process, what to look out for and how to keep safe when Short Selling Real Estate.