investing in real estate within the Santa Clarita Valley

REALTOR offers helping hand you need when buying properties

You may not realize it, but we have experienced some investor pull back in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  Within the price ranges of anything under 300k, it's like a ghost town where investor buyers are concerned.

We have been monitoring the Santa Clarita real estate markets via our buyers agents and with the buyers we are currently working with and have found that investors are almost to zero.

There happen to be the "savviest" of investors currently working behind the scenes in the local Real Estate markets.  You may be curious what they are looking for at this late stage in the "prices increasing" game?

They are focused on short sales that had been approved mid summer, and now are falling out of escrow because the current buyers are not willing/able to perform and close the deal.

You see, the price they had been approved for may not change and be increased by the investor/bank that owns the (defaulted) paper.

A Santa Clarita REALTOR® can be instrumental to investment success when it comes to purchasing properties.  Real estate markets around the nation are improving, as is the economy, and with it the desire to purchase investment properties is on the rise.  The difference between making a wise real estate investment or a mistake can be in the hands of a local REALTOR®.

An experienced REALTOR® keeps his fingers on the pulse of the local Santa Clarita housing market, knowing what homes are selling, where homes are selling, how much homes are selling for and, perhaps most important for the real estate investor, where the best values are located.  It is not always the least expensive properties that are the best bargains, but often the properties that meet a variety of criteria.

Buying low and selling high is the primary focus of investors, regardless of the investment.  Evaluating an investment property involves taking a look at its condition, location, rent-a-bility and so many other factors.  Having knowledge and experience on your side can help you make a wise, educated decision.  Investing in real estate is not for everyone but for those willing to take the risk it can certainly pay off at times.

When you start your real estate relocation mission, please only use those Santa Clarita real estate agents that are versed in the Art of Relocation.  Yes, there is an "art related to relocation".  It's this.  Having the ability to take a client from start to finish, from the first news of their company or they themselves needing to be relocated, to closing, when all real estate has been sold and purchased, when the kids(if need be) are placed into a school and when the "shopping half" knows where the local Grocery Store is and more.

Look up REMAX Relocation on Google and look for our Paris911 Brand for REMAX Relocation to and from the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  We will be there for you and look forward to being of great assistance.

Here are some of the short sales that I spoke about with regard to having a potentiality for falling out.  If there are three of those property types currently available - they will be below this text.  If not, you may want to reach out to our team so we can start some of the "pre foreclosure and NOD" hunting.

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